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Posted by on Feb 5, 2017 | 0 comments

The 10 Best Restaurants in Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach will probably ring a bell to you if you are into surfing. The popular surfing spot is situated on the west coast of California in the United States. The beach is definitely worth visiting during the summer, even if you aren’t interested in hitting the waves yourself. One reason for your visit should be the stunning cuisine available in Huntington Beach. If you find yourself in the beautiful beach city, check out these great restaurants.

Ruby's Diner, Ruby;'s Diner in Pier, Red Roundhouse


is not the easiest restaurant to find, as it’s hidden in the Old World Village. But the Bavarian village- themed restaurant is worth the journey. The views are great and the staff is welcoming. While you enjoy the cocktails, you can also entertain yourself with board games, available on the bar. If you just want a nibble, you can’t pass the garlic bacon mac n cheese, as it is a dish to die for.

Secret Spot

Huntington Beach has restaurants to fit all sorts of taste buds. If you are a vegan, you want to pop by to Secret Spot. The place serves stunning health food without it all seeming like kale chips are all you are getting. Whether you are a vegan or not, visit during breakfast hours and fill your stomach with mango, blueberry pancakes.

Sancho’s Tacos

Would you like to enjoy some classic Mexican cuisine while starting at the Pacific Ocean? If the answer is ‘yes’, then head down to Sancho’s Tacos. The restaurant offers amazing tacos from fish to chicken. You shouldn’t say ‘no’ to a serving of nachos either, with a dollop of Pepper Jack as a side dish.

The Sugar Shack Café

The small, family-run business is everything great about Huntington Beach. It’s relaxed, fun and simple. The atmosphere is welcoming and the food is surprisingly stunning in its simplicity. The bacon and cheese burrito tastes just as comforting as it sounds. The Sugar Shack Café also makes a mean serving of chilli fries.

25 Degrees

You can’t visit the US without a trip to a typical American burger joint. In Huntington Beach, the place should be 25 Degrees. The environment is almost as good as its food, with the staff making your experience pleasant. The must-have pick is the sweet potato fries together with a local craft beer.

Red Table

Red Table is a fun place to visit, not least because of the décor. Everything there is picked with the colour red in mind and the word red itself is an abbreviation of the words: relax, eat and drink. We recommend coming out on a Sunday to feast on the Sunday brunch – Red Table’s chilaqualles are just too good to be true.


If seafood is more of your thing, then Slapfish is the best restaurant on the list. The restaurant also takes its environment seriously and all the fish available is sustainably sourced. The shrimp roll will take you by surprise and you will definitely want to visit this place a second time before your holiday comes to an end.

North Shore Poke Company

If you’ve not been able to experience Hawaii before, the Californian city will sort that out as well.North Shore Poke Company’s best dish is the traditional Hawaiian dish poke, which is a seafood salad. You can even enjoy poke as tacos and sashimi sandwiches, if you are looking for a refreshing twist on the classic.

Sushi On Fire

Another great seafood restaurant is Sushi On Fire. The food is fresh, the staff is welcoming and the service is perfect for a quick bite. The classic shrimp tempura is definitely worth ordering and if you want something a bit special, go for the fried banana dessert. If you are after something special and a bit different, select the Hawaiian Ceviche from the Specialties menu.


Sandy’s is a restaurant with the best location in the world. It’s situated right on the Huntington Beach waterfront, offering you a chance to enjoy the surfers while sipping on a cold beer. The food is not bad either, with fish and chips getting our vote for the best dish on the menu. The Kobe burger is also worth trying, together with a serving of their famous fries.

If you want to enjoy a great meal without paying yourself sick, then the above restaurants offer plenty to choose from. While the prices differ, you can find cheaper options to eat out on all. Use great deals at local restaurants to book a table to avoid tourist rush hours, when you are at Huntington Beach. Use  coupon codes and be smart when ordering from the menu. Above all, enjoy the cuisine!

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