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Posted by on Mar 13, 2013 | 0 comments

100 Ways to Break the Routine and Add Adventure to Your Life (Part 6)

This is the sixth part of a series called 100 ideas to break out the routine and add more adventure to your life. Every week (for a total of 10 weeks) I am going to give you 10 ideas. I have two criteria for the ideas to make the list: they have to be easy and they have to be cheap. You can let me know what you think in the comments section. Also, feel free to share your own ideas.

This series started because I believe that you do not have to depart your country, not even your city, to have a great adventure. And, why is that? Because novel things are adventurous per nature and we can find novel things to do in our own backyard. Therefore, I want to give different ideas to those who are truly interested in working towards accomplishing different things.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower


Here is the sixth part of the series.

51. Visit a place full of flowers

Have you stopped to smell the flowers?  We all know that saying has a metaphorical dimension. However, the colors and patterns of flowers can calm the crankiest mood.  This can sound cheesy or girlie but have you been surrounded by thousands of flowers in full bloom.  I have visited some wildflower reserves during peak season and it is an experience I would recommend to everybody.  So, go check when the wildflowers bloom in your area.  Visit a botanical garden, orchid farm or private nursery.

52. Try a new fruit

When it comes to fruits, I have my favorites (pineapple, mango, plums, nectarines).  Once in a while, I take advantage of seasonality and buy something different.  Or, I visit ethnic markets to see if I can find fresh, exotic fruits (and to see if I can find fresh mangosteens).  Farmers markets are also great places to try different varieties of citrics, apples and pears. Here are some to try: soursop, jackfruit, durian, blood orange, lychee, rambutan, and persimmon.

53. Compete on a local race

Cities (or communities) are constantly arranging walks or runs.  Start with short races (5k, 10k).  Then, you may consider a marathon or triathlon.  You will get a great workout, meet new people and help a good cause.

54. Get a massage

I don’t think I have to do any description about this idea.  I wouldn’t mind getting a relaxing massage daily.  I am sure there are many businesses offering these services close to where you live (get a referral or take a look at reviews).  Hint: don’t pay full price.  Check what discounts are available (Groupon, Living Social, advertisement you get on the mail)

55. Get a new hairstyle

We all have seen TV shows were people look amazing after a makeover.  I am a person who likes to focus more on the inside but also believe you should put a reasonable amount of time on looking your best.  It is all about balance.  When you are not feeling well inside that will reflect on the outside and vice versa.  If you have neglected you appearance for some time, I encourage you to take some action.  You can start by getting a new hairstyle (or color).

56. Talk to store employees

I know most of us would describe ourselves as “busy.” We just want to take care of stuff and move on.  However, I believe it is important to get connected to people around us.  If can be very interesting to greet and make small conversation with people working in stores, restaurants and coffee shops.  You would probably get a better service or great advice on how to save on some items.  Plus, remember you are contributing to make someone’s day better.

57. Practice gratitude

I know, what gratitude has to do with breaking the routine?  Well, if you think about it, a grateful attitude can help you to see situations from a different perspective. Studies confirm how grateful people are more satisfied.  You can start by being grateful for all the good things in your life, counting the good things that happened on a given day or thanking those who do something nice for you.  Imagine the impact that will have in your family or workplace.

58. Try an alternative form of transportation.

Are you one of those who use the car to go to the corner store?  Small note: there many more ways to get from point A to B.  You can walk, bike, ride a horse, take a boat, kayak, use a pedal boat or get in a tuk-tuk.  Why not use a different mode of transportation once in a while?

59. Celebrate when you feel like it

Who said you have to wait for something big to happen to celebrate? If you are feeling joy or won a small battle, why not celebrate?  This can be personal (where you do something for yourself) or collective (invite friends to join you).

60. Send a letter

In these modern times, this sounds like the most antiquated thing to do.  However, this continues to be a nice touch.  You don’t have to strain your fingers.  A thank you, feel well or congratulating note will do the trick.

Do you have some ideas? Let me know in the comments section below.

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