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Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 | 1 comment

12 Tips for Turning your Dreams into Reality

12 tips for turning your drems into reality


We all have dreams.  They are those things we fantasize about, those things that light a fire inside us.

In some way, we all want to turn those dreams into reality.

But, there is a catch. To make dreams come true, determination, time and effort are needed.

I believe we all have the qualities to fight for our dreams.  It is a matter of getting organized and taking some action.

Based on my experience, I have compiled 12 tips that can help you to turn those dreams into a reality.  Hope you can learn something useful from this article.


1.       Plan

If you are serious about making your dreams come true, you need to have some sort of plan.  But don’t worry; there is no science behind it.  What I am trying to say is that you need to define what you really want. This is crucial since a lot of people have a lot of non-concrete ideas about what you want to accomplish.  Organization is needed in order to take action.

Also, a plan is needed in order to determine when success has been attained.  Think about it in this way: I would have turned my dream into a reality when ______________.  Define the state you want to be in the future.

This is the phase to get a good idea of what it takes to accomplish your dream.  Start by gathering information from available resources or from people who have done something similar in the past.  A general but structured plan should be enough to start.


2.       Set goals

The word goal can be seen as dirty.  For a strange reason, some people dislike it or are afraid of it.  On top of that, experts on these topics have an entire dissertation on how to set goals (they have to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-related).

To me, setting goals is about compromising (maybe that is why some people don’t like that word).  For those of us who like to procrastinate or be lazy, goals are what force us to do something.  Yes, at certain moments, you will have to oblige your sluggish body into action.

During this phase, break your big plan into smaller pieces.  Assign a time limit to the first set of goals and decide what times of the week (or month) you are going to work on them.  The time limit and other constraints are important.  It gives you a sense of urgency and accountability.


3.       Don’t overcomplicate things

When we are trying to accomplish something new or different, fear (and other negative emotions) is going to kick in.

Now, fear is going to try to convince you of a lot of things.  It will tell you need to have more or better information before starting.  It is going to make you think about a lot of reasons (excuses) why you should not do this or that.  It is going to remind you how inexperienced or weak you are.

But, you know what? Just start to do something.  The first step is often the most difficult one.  Additional knowledge will encounter you.  I don’t understand why we love to complicate things that are not complicated at all.  Again, just start to take action (remember you will have to force yourself sometimes).


4.       The right moment may never arrive

Talking about excuses, realize the perfect moment to start working on your dream may never arrive.  There is always something that will stop you (family related problems, sickness, emergencies, debt, lack of money, etc.).  Therefore, if you want to wait for the perfect moment, well, you are going to wait forever.

The perfect moment is this one we are living right now (because it is the only certain moment we have).


5.       Don’t wait for others

In theory, it sounds pretty.  We are eager to attain certain things accompanied by a loved one.

In reality, things may not work that way.  There are certain things you have to do by yourself.  Why? Because life is like that.  We are expected to walk some paths using our own efforts.

Stop being around those who drag you.  Surround yourself by those who support your dreams.  If somebody wants to join you in your quest, you may welcome him or her.  But, don’t expect other to do something that you know only you can do for yourself.


6.       Get ready to work

Some dreams may be easy to accomplish.  They may be a matter of a short period of time or a connection with the right person.

Other dreams may take more time and effort (even years) to accomplish.  For that reason, you have to develop a work hard mentality.  A lot of people want things but are not willing to work for them.  If you have been thru the planning stage, you should have an idea of how simple or complicated your dream is.  If you know you are confronted with something long term, then you better be willing to work a lot.

Good things require effort.


7.       Take your own path

We usually get ideas on how to work on our dreams from others who have accomplished something similar to what we want.  This is a great way to feel motivated and move forward.

However, there is no reason to follow exactly (or get obsessed) with what others have done in the past. You are an individual with unique talents and abilities.  You have the power to use innovation and creativity to your own advantage.  Maybe that dream of yours is closer than you think because of your distinctive way of seeing things.


8.       Change your course if needed

Aren’t you seeing any results?  Aren’t you making any progress?

Even if you are putting the necessary time and effort towards your goals, you will need to assess your progress periodically.  What is working? What is not? What I need to change?  What additional knowledge I need?

Plans change due to different circumstances.  Keep that in mind and look for ways to improve.


9.       Get ready for rejection, laughs and other similar things

This is a sad reality but you have to be ready for it.  As soon as certain individuals learn about what you are trying to accomplish, you will be mocked, criticized and even called names (crazy, unrealistic, foolish).

And, I want you to be aware of something worst.  Critics and laughs may come from people that are really close to you.  I know.  I have been there.  I have worked in certain things and then shared them with people who I appreciate a lot.  Some of them have been indifferent, uninterested and have laugh at me (in my face).  This hurts but I have experienced it many times during my life.

People judge things based on their own experiences.  What you do may not be understood by those who surround you.  There is no reason to be bitter or discouraged by this situation.  Remember I said there are certain things that have to be done alone. In your walk, you are going to find people with similar interests and aspirations. Those may be the ones who support you.


10.   Failure will come

You will fail many times when trying to turn a dream into a reality.  Don’t be afraid of this.  It is natural.  Use failure as a learning experience.  If you fall, stand up and keep walking.  Hey, at least you are doing something!


11. Keep a positive attitude

It is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to accomplish something.  I have mentioned how negative emotions, rejection, loneliness and failure are going to appear.

Nevertheless, you have control over how you see your experience.  You can decide to be in a constant state sorrow or you can be in a constant state of blissfulness. Treat everything that happens as an opportunity.  Be grateful for all the little things you have accomplished.  Savor every moment of the journey.  And remember that if others have done it, you can do it too.


12.   Be persistent

This is about not giving up.  There are a lot of opportunities out there.  You have to grab the one that works for you. Persistence may bring you more of what your dreamed initially.


Do you have other tips?

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