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Posted by on Apr 14, 2011 | 23 comments

31 Symptoms of Travel Obsessed People

Do you have the slight hunch that you are obsessed with travel? Well, read ahead and find for yourself.  If you identify with 20 or more, you may be in trouble.

1. Your pet is named after you favorite city in the world or after something that makes you remember your travels.  It can be worst.  I recently read an article about a guy who named his daughter Skye after his favorite Scottish island.

2. If a flight attendant is out, you can easily replace her/him.  You know how to give the security briefing and where the food is located.  Furthermore, you can probably navigate thru the plane blindfolded.

3. You can pack in less than 20 minutes.

4. When you go to the book store, you head first to the travel section area or to the travel magazines stand.

5. You know exactly to how many countries you have been. You even have one of those maps where the visited countries appear in a particular color. Don’t deny it, I know where you got it.

6. When someone tells you he or she is going somewhere, you want to know all the details.

7. You don’t know what to say when someone asks what is your favorite country or city.  Most difficult question. Ever.

8. Your friends ask you constantly: where are you going next?  Or when you run into a person you haven’t seen in a long time, she asks you where you have been during the time she hasn’t seen you.

Meet Florence, named after that famous Italian city.

9. Hey, Department of State, I need more pages in my passport.

10. Additionally, you get pissed off when you enter a country and they don’t stamp your passport.

11. You know where all the closest foreign embassies are located.

12. Back at home, when you eat at a gyro, you say it doesn’t taste like the one you had in Greece or Turkey.

13. You are subscribed to 50+ travel blogs.

14. When someone asks where you bought that ring, shirt, bag or blanket, you answer Italy, Thailand or Argentina.

15. There is nothing more heart breaking than not being able travel on a constant basis.

16. Planning multiple trips at the same time is normal to you.

Are you surrounded by these?

17. You are constantly saving or bookmarking trip ideas.

18. Desperation fills you mind when you think about all the countries you still have to visit.

19. You cry when you have to throw away your travel collects because there is no more shelf, closet or garage space available.  Oh wait!!  That is why paid storage spaces were invented.

20. However, your other half thanks God aloud when you say you are going to clean the place where you have stored all your travel info and there is a slight possibility that something may end in the trash.

21. You burn all you vacation time way before the end of the year.

22. Newsletters with travel deals arrive constantly to your inbox.

23. Before that trip, you just can’t sleep.  You are too excited.

24. You take a wheelbarrow to travel shows.

Does your collection of travel guides resembles this?

25. Maps are displayed at your house or office.  That’s a freaky one.

26. Your Internet nickname contains a variation of the following words: travel, nomadic, backpacking, runaway, wandering.

27. Have your mom ever asked you why you can’t be normal?  Plus, she says not to use her anymore as your emergency contact.

28. You know how to say hi and thank you in 10 different languages. Sawadee Krup. Bula. Xie xie.

29. The Constitution is shorter than your bucket list.  By the way, the original US Constitution has 4543 words. Just saying.

30. You start your own travel blog so you can justify all your travel craziness as work.

31. You felt an extreme urgency to read this post when you saw its title in Facebook or Twitter.

Me at the most recent edition of the L.A. Travel Show

Do you identified with any of this?  Can you identify more symptoms?


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  1. I am guilty of #10 and #31. Sure, i’m a travel junkie and proud to be. I don’t consider myself in serious trouble although I wouldn’t name my dog or child Hong Kong. A hilarious post my dear which I have read twice.
    inka recently posted..Lessons learned in Genoa-ItalyMy Profile

    • What is wrong with Hong Kong? That is a pretty name.

  2. This made my day, Ruth! I can relate to every single one of them (except #s 26 & 27)…. I think that WE are the normal ones and the people who aren’t obsessed with travel are the weirdos 🙂
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..Snapshot- Budva- MontenegroMy Profile

  3. Haha oh my god, so true
    I think they all apply to me
    Worse yet–MY name is the name of a city 😮

  4. I proudly identify with quite a few of these! I wish that I needed to contact the Dept of State about getting more pages in my passport. Really enjoyed this post — fun!

  5. I hate it when I don’t get a passport stamp! Those are badges of honor. I am even more upset when they stamp them and I can’t read them!

    • I agree with you. I am like: “Why are you not stamping my passport, dude?, How do somebody know if I entered your country”.

      I once paid to get a passport stamp but don’t tell anyone.

      Another time they didn’t stamp my passport in Belize and then I was in big trouble. See, it is important to have passport stamps. You really need them. It is not just for travel obesed people.
      Ruth recently posted..Bloggers Advice on How to Add More Adventure to Your LifeMy Profile

  6. So guilty…and never going to apologize! 🙂 Great article!

  7. Needing more pages in your passport is a sure sign! But being able to do the flight attendants job is def funny! lol

  8. So true i am so glad that i we found this post i will kept this for my self.thanks!
    Adrianna recently posted..My Top 5 MoviesMy Profile

  9. jaja love this list… I agree with all of them. I LOL when I read about not getting a stamp in your passport. I get so mad…lol I want my stamps…lol!!!
    Jaime recently posted..An open letter to the Sahara Desert.My Profile

  10. Ha! I am guilty of so many of these! I love number 1. My dog is named Preston after an English city I visited whilst on study abroad 🙂


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