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Posted by on Apr 3, 2016 | 8 comments

5 Amazing Hotel Extras in you Luxurious Room

It is a natural human state of wanting more, especially if you are willing to book yourself a really luxurious and a bit expensive hotel room. But many of us not always know what such rooms can offer you and what is actually included in a bill.

To change that, today we are presenting you the best five extras found in various luxurious hotel rooms all around the globe. So, the next time you book hotels using these Expedia coupons, you will know what is included in that price and what you can ask for a hotel!

Workout gear

When you are traveling somewhere far away, in many cases you have to stop your workout routine just for that time when you are abroad. However, if you book a deluxe hotel room, you can actually find special workout gear in it and do your exercise just like at home!

In fact, many hotels actually offer such stuff like loaded iPods, yoga mats and weights or even workout clothing in your room! And they might even let you take such clothing as a souvenir afterwards. Therefore, do not worry that you will be forced to skip your working out routines, because if you choose to stay at more upscale hotels, you won’t have to deal with such problem at all.


Mobile phones

Yup! Some luxurious hotels even provide their visitors with the latest phones too! They usually have unlimited internet data and free calls and most essential numbers (like hotel’s restaurant or local hospital!), so you can safely turn off your personal smartphone and enjoy being pampered.

Some hotels even provide parents and their children with phones too, therefore, then parents decide to have a day off together, they can still be in touch with their offsprings. Sounds amazing, right?


Fridge or a minibar full of stuff you like

Naturally, if you are willing to pay a bit more for something, you should expect to get stuff you really want in a room. Therefore, many high-class hotels custom stock a minibar or a fridge with drinks and snacks YOU like.

All you have to do to get such pampering is to mention a few things you would really like to find while booking and voila – the moment you walk in your luxurious hotel room and open your fridge – you can find it all. That is the real luxury!


Amenities for pets

If you have a beloved pet, you are not willing to leave at home, no worries. Many posh hotels actually provide various hotel services for pets! Not only some hotels can offer you and your doggy or cat a special menu, room or even spa procedures, but a nanny who can take care of him for a while when you are busy. In some hotels, pet food is even served in fine china dishes, so your dog can feel like a posh for a bit as well.

After your stay, not only you, but your pet will receive a gift bag full of the most delicious treats. So, traveling with a pet will never be easier and more pleasant!


Your personal butler

And finally, if you really-really want to feel like a royal then you stay in a top-notch hotel room, you can even be pampered with a real personal butler dedicated to satisfy all your needs. This is definitely an ultimate amenity which is not offered in many hotels, but there are some that offer it, and you can always ask for it!

Butler service includes everything from booking a table in a restaurant to taking care of your dirty baby’s clothing. Your personal butler can also make a perfect bath you can enjoy or accompany you on a shopping trip. So, you can literally have a person who will help you in every place you go. That is an ultimate luxury, right? However, some hotels will ask additional money for such pleasure, however at the Langham Hotel in Chicago, butler service in included in your hotel room bill!


What other amazing extras have you experienced in a hotel?

Note: This is a sponsored post.


  1. Wow! Now these are some hotel rooms. Unfortunately I’m still in that part of my life traveling where hostels are the norm…. and none of these things are readily available in hostels! Still, I’m loving the culture in hostels getting to meet people from all over the world, even if they are like glorified dorm rooms 😀 This gives me something to look forward to …. (Hopefully) 😀
    Lauren recently posted..Santiago So FarMy Profile

  2. This is cool. Ideal scenario would be turn up with nothing but a wallet and have a new wardrobe, car etc to use.

  3. Hey, Ruth

    Thanks for the good accommodation options! Definitely, should try some of them. They look great!!
    Great work…. this article is really helpful for the visitors.

    Thank you again for your help…

  4. Hello Ruth,
    This is really beneficial blog because I love to visit places and stay at hotel. These 5 things, I must remember next time.

  5. Amazing article, At the time of hotel booking, we always look for extra discounts on online booking.Now there was so many accommodations offer a extra discount according to festive.I suggest you to check online portal before the booking and find the best deal.

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