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If you ask me what I would like to do all day, I could summarize it in two words: to talk. I assure you that people who know me would affirm this statement with a resounding yes. To me there is nothing funnier than to surround myself with people and laugh as we share stories, anecdotes and experiences. There is no better way to bond with those around us that through the exchange of words

The point is that in the movie called “real life”, not all episodes contain scenes where the female lead (me) expresses herself indefinitely with the other actors. Therefore, I decided to replace scenes from that movie with scenes of another movie called “ideal life.” In the scenes of this latest film, the lead actress exchanged the spoken word for the written word and is able to talk to a person anywhere in the world through the magic of the Internet.

Hello! I’m glad to meet you. My name is Ruth and I am originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. What? You have no idea where Bayamón is located? Well, it’s pretty close to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

Shanghai, China

I studied computer engineering at the University of Puerto Rico.  This particular campus is located in the town of Mayagüez (here we go again with the strange names).  After finishing my bachelor degree, I decided to move to California because of better employment opportunities. Years later I still live in California and work as a systems engineer. I am happily married and have a great group of friends.

Tikal, Guatemala

Months before finishing my undergraduate degree, a friend told me about a trip to Europe she was interested in. A professor was a student trip. She asked me to think about the possibility of joining her for the trip. The idea was to spend a whole month touring Europe and Egypt after graduation. With the help of student loans and money some money my sister lend me, I had the opportunity to spend the month learning about new places.

Brussels, Belgium

That was my first big international trip. For the first time, I was able to see how different things were outside my island.  That journey helped me assimilate moving to California (alone and without knowing anyone.) That first trip has been followed by many more. All those experiences and the exposure to different cultures in the area of Los Angeles have helped me to live grateful for everything I went through and all the people I met.

Heidelberg, Germany

I like to observe, read, learn and discover.  I am trying to improve my writing and my photographic skills.  I have always felt an urgency to share my experiences with other people.  Because, what is the meaning of life if we cannot share with others?  This is one of my ways to share, to give something of me to others.

Ambergris Cay, Belize

Hopefully, my stories will enrich your life.