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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 | 3 comments

Copan Ruinas: A Not so Ruined Town

I don’t know who gave the name of Copan Ruinas to the gateway town to the Copan Archeological Site.

Maybe authorities wanted to make clear the town is close to the Mayan ruins.  Or maybe they wanted to differentiate the municipality from the department of the same name or other nearby cities (like Santa Rosa de Copan).

Anyway, there is nothing ruined about this town. The list of positives outnumbers the negative connotations the name may bring to mind.

I was able to walk in quiet and clean streets. The coffee was strong and bitter (I am tired of bland mochas).  And I don’t know how to communicate this: there is free European soccer everywhere (Why we don’t have this in the United States?).  It is so cool to chow down great food while people around you scream every time the ball gets close to the goal cage.

Additionally, there are cheap accommodations, tons of activities to participate in (hiking, horseback riding, biking) and connections to other cities in the country.

I could have stayed in Copan Ruinas a month.  Here are other aspects I loved about this small town located at the Western part of Honduras.

Buildings painted in bright hues

Corner building


Blue and orange building


Doors framed in surprising colors

Blue and Orange Frame


Light blue and burnt orange frame


Green door framed by earthy tones


Cute cobbled streets (with tuk-tuks zooming by at the speed of light)

Town entrance


Cobble-stoned Streets


Quiet central plaza where locals stroll when the sun is going down

Central Plaza


Restaurants and eateries offering typical dishes like:

–          Anafres: bean and cheese dip served in hot terracotta pot

–          Typical plate: choice of meat, refried beans, rice, fried plantains, cream, cheese and salad

Try: Llama del Bosque, Pupuseria Mary and Super Jugos (for fruit and nut shakes)

Typical plate




Euro-style establishments offering international food, excursions and a lounge with TV

Try: Via Via Cafe



Chicken garnachas


Cafes offering varied coffee concoctions and fresh pastries.

Try: Café Welchez, Espresso Americano

Coffee Shop


Open air cafe


Breakfast at the Espresso Americano Coffee Shop


Colorful Murals

Mural located at the entrance of town


Canines with attitude

Dog in the Central Plaza


Dog in living the high life


Have you experienced Copan Ruinas? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Great photos. I live in Copan Ruinas, and you made me want to visit the place.

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