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Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 | 7 comments

GoTicket: Search for Train and Bus Tickets in the US

It is not a secret how much I enjoy train travel.

During my last trip to Spain, I had a blast taking the metro around the big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.  It was also a pleasure to hop on a train to nearby destinations like Segovia and Toledo.

But, here is the thing.  I am a frequent train user at home.


And, I may get what you are thinking.  Do you use the train in the United States? Is there such a thing like a train in Los Angeles?

Yes and yes. Using the train in a big metropolitan area is cheap and convenient.

After a long, hard week, I have no interest on spending my weekends driving in heavy traffic or fighting for a parking spot.  If I want to go to Downtown, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Hollywood or Long Beach, all I have to do is drive five minutes to the nearest train station.

After leaving the car there and buying a day pass, I am free to roam as desired.  I do not have to worry about crazy drivers on the freeway or about exorbitant parking fees.

I have taken the train to other not-so-close-to-home destinations such as Santa Barbara and San Diego.

I have to admit finding the proper routes and trains is not that easy. There are metropolitan trains, short distance trains and long distance trains.  Most times I struggle with finding the best route between point A and point B.

The other thing is that if you are in an unknown city chances are you have no idea of what train companies and / or authorities operate in the area.

This is where GoTicket comes to the rescue.  This platform allows you to search for bus and train tickets between over 90,000 routes in the United States.  Yup, 90,000 routes.  You read that right.

GoTicket is very easy to use.

First, enter you starting and ending points in the main interface.  I am using a Los Angeles to Santa Barbara route as an example.

Hit “Search for a Bus” or “Search for a Train.” In my case, I want to see train routes.


GoTicket will show you a short summary of why it is ideal to use the train between the destinations.  In addition, it will give you an idea of how much your ticket will cost.


The platform will show you a map of your route.  In my example, I found a direct route.  For more complicated routes, this area will show all the stops in between destinations.


Finally, you will get a list of the routes available organized by date and time.  The platform will tell you what train company can be use for the route.


You can select any of the “See” buttons to find out additional information.


I gave the platform another try.  This time I used a random destination (unknown to me). GoTicket found the best route for me.


I searched for buses between the destinations. Remember in GoTicket you can find multiples bus schedules for travel between cities (near or far).


With so much useful information available at your finger tips, I only have one question. When are you taking your next train or bus trip?

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Do you enjoy train travel?

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    • I am interested in riding the West Coast by train. I am thinking something like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

  1. I use the train whenever I go into Philadelphia. I have to say though, my daughter lives in San Diego and the public transit there is better all around. Philly, not so much.

    • Really? I would have not imagined that. I was under the impression East Coast cities have better transportation systems than West Coast cities.

    • I know, train travel is so great in Europe. Wish I can travel more by train at home.

  2. Thanks for sharing this website. I love train travel in Europe, but I had no idea how to find train travel in the US. The most I’ve traveled by train here is from NYC to Boston, and to do that I went directly to the Amtrak website. I’ll have to pin this post to my pinterest board so that I’ll be able to find it easily next time I’m traveling in the US. 🙂
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