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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 | 0 comments

Interesting Islands to Explore

What makes an island ‘interesting?’  To some, adventure is the lure; to others, it’s exploring isolated coves and deserted beaches.  Our world has countless islands offering an extraordinary variety of experiences.  Here are just a few examples.


This little-known volcanic island in Lake Nicaragua is a haven for the adventurous traveler seeking the path less taken.  A treasure house of pre-Columbian relics and spectacular rock art, Ometepe is sure to please those looking for a less conventional island experience.

Hotel accommodation on Ometepe is becoming more plentiful as increasing numbers of visitors find their way to this delightful spot.  Travel to the island is by boat from a number of lakeside ports, and a car-ferry option is available.  The weather can be a little unpredictable so seasickness remedies are recommended for some of the routes.



A more traditional vacation spot, Bermuda is a tiny island in the Atlantic.  A warm welcome and blend of cultures await the traveler who arrives to explore this small but fun-filled destination.  Combining a mix of the traditional and modern, Bermuda offers retail therapy, excellent entertainment, tourist attractions such as aquariums and museums, as well as the chance to just get away from it all in the crystal waters and shimmering sands of the island’s seashore.

Bermuda is a lively and vibrant place in the hot summer months, and celebrities and pleasure seekers alike are drawn to its agreeable climate.  The winter months are balmy, and many of the island’s water sports are not offered during this season.  Consequently, prices for travel, accommodation and excursions are often discounted at this time and bargains can be found.  A number of cruise ships call into the island, and direct flights operate from major airports in North America and Europe.



Lake Huron is home to this island resort, which offers yet another kind of island exploration.  With a rich cultural heritage, Mackinac offers the opportunity to learn about the history and native peoples of the North American lake country, and has long been a site of pilgrimage for writers.  Festivals celebrating the arts, culture and flora of the island are annual events and well worth witnessing.  Motorized vehicles are banned on Mackinac Island, with bicycles and horse-drawn carriages the only forms of transport.

Mackinac Island hotels offer accommodation that is comfortable and welcoming, and can provide an excellent base from which to explore the natural beauty and rich heritage of this delightful destination.  The island is reached by regular ferry crossings from a number of sites around the lake’s shore, and there is also a small airport catering to light aircraft, normally from Detroit.


Island Hopping

For those intrepid travelers who crave a new vista every day, island hopping makes for a great vacation.  Instead of single-venue accommodation, explorers can hop from one island to the next in various chains and archipelagos around the world.  For eco-tourists, the Galapagos Archipelago offers a unique opportunity to experience wildlife in its natural environment.  The adventurous traveler will also find challenges galore in the Hawaiian group, from surfing to swimming with dolphins or deep-sea fishing.  Finally, the Greek Islands offer culture, art and history for travelers seeking mental stimulation, as well as stunning scenery and excellent hospitality.

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