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Posted by on Dec 4, 2016 | 82 comments

Naschmarkt: Vienna’s Largest Outdoor Market

I am a market lover!

To me, markets are places filled with colors, smells and tastes.  They are full of smiles, laughs and exciting cries announcing the freshness of a product or the deliciousness of a local delicacy.

One of my main travel objectives is to visit a market in cities known for them.  It doesn’t matter if it is a covered, open-air or temporal market.  I have been able to do this in cities like Barcelona, Tijuana, Oaxaca, Valencia and Madrid.

When I was researching things to do in Vienna, I stumbled upon a page talking about Naschmarkt, Vienna’s most popular and largest outdoor market.

Noticed I have used words such as “popular” and “largest” to describe the market.  The thing is that while I was trying to inquire more about this place, I couldn’t find good descriptions, nice photos or enough reasons to visit. Seems like it wasn’t in any “top 10” lists of the city.

We decided to stop by since we had to eat breakfast anyway (and I hoped to find something in there).  That is how we proceeded to take the Metro to Kettenbruckengasse Station.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

We got out and start seeing stalls full of colorful shirts, hippie pants and accessories (caps, scarves, etc.). We walked a little bit more and that is when the beauty of this place started to unfold.

We started to see stalls containing hundreds of little bags filled with spices. We inspected the names and discovered things we have never seen in our lives.  One of the attendants explained the origin of some of the powders, leaves and grains.  We bought bags containing known and unknown contents.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

The awakening of the senses continued for about two more hours. After all, the market is about one mile long (1.5 km).  It ended up being one of the best markets I have ever visited. We liked it so much that we returned the 4th day of our stay.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

I am not sure how the name Naschmarkt came into existence. I found two versions. One say the market has origins in the 16th century when milk bottles were sold in the area.  During those times, milk bottles were made out of ash.  Hence the “Aschenmarkt” which with time evolved to the way it is called nowadays.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Another version of the story says the market’s original name was Kärntnertormarkt. This was the bridge which was at that time called Kärntnertorbrücke, but is now Elisabethbrücke, later it spread along to reach Karlsplatz.  This story does not provides and explanation of how or when the modern term started to be used.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Nowadays, the market is full of fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world (I even saw cactus fruit), exotic herbs, cheese, baked goods, meats, and seafood. Artisan products such as vinegar, oil, sausage and pastries can be found too.  They can be bought as souvenirs or gifts (we bought flavored vinegar and oil and they were superb).

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

In addition the market affords the opportunity to try or buy Austrian bread, cheese and wine.  World famous Austrian cakes and pastries are there too for your enjoyment.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

But, do not worry, international fare such as doner kebabs, sushi and kimchi are available in the market.  I noticed this is a perfect place to sample some Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialties.  They have the plumpest, most colorful olives, figs, baklava, hummus, baba ganoush and fruits and vegetables stuffed with feta or other regional cheeses.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

There are many things to eat on the go but there are also many small restaurants which offer traditional Viennese, French or Italian food.  You can sit, people watch and enjoy the atmosphere.  They have indoor or outdoor seats.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

As I mentioned, I visited the Naschmarkt twice.  The first time, we arrived around 10:00 a.m.  There weren’t a lot of people around and most of the restaurants were closed.  There was plenty of space to walk, move and engage into conversation with vendors. It was the perfect time to walk slowly while absorbing all the sights.

The second time, we arrived close to 6:00 p.m.  In this case, stalls and stores selling goods were closing down.  On the contrary, all restaurants were open, there was live music and food was being prepared on the streets.  The market was way more crowded and the atmosphere was very lively.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

So, your experience will be affected by the time of the day you choose to visit. I enjoyed seeing both faces of the market.  They were as different as day and night.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

On Saturday, a flea market takes place at one end of the market. This adds an additional dimension to the place. I can imagine how nice things get when you have additional vendors and good on the grounds.

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

Naschmarkt, Largest Outdoor Market in Vienna, Austria

In summary, I loved, loved Naschmarkt. It is way more than I was expecting. The place is full of gorgeous food and produce but most important; it is full of friendly and happy people. They give you a warm welcome into their stalls and they share with you things they have prepared with their hands.  Human interaction is what I crave during my travels and I was able to find it in this beautiful place.

Would you like to visit Naschmarkt?

Ready to pin? Lets do it!

Naschmarkt, the largest outdoor market in Vienna, Austria. It is perfect to get a sample of typical Austrian and international food.


  1. I do love markets, even if I don’t buy anything. I love looking at the produce from different places. This one in Vienna looks amazing.

    • I am the same. My main purpose is to take a look not to buy. But have to say most times I end buying something. In here, we had a doner kebab and baklava.

  2. Love all of the colours and foods on display here – the (peaches or nectarines?) were my favourite, the colour is lovely. Vienna has been on my list for a long time so seeing these just makes me want to go there all the more! Thank you too, for all of the kind comments you always leave me, they mean a lot. – Tasha

    • Tasha, your welcome. I love to check out your blog and see what great photos you took during the week. I love that picture featuring the peaches and nectarines too!

  3. I love markets too, and I would buy something with unknown contents for the heck of it!

    Have you been to Lisbon? Any tips on which market to visit?

    • We bought certain spices and the flavor ended up being very interesting. So, yes, I think it is a good idea to buy even though you do not know the contents. I have not been to Lisbon (so sad!).

  4. What an amazing market.

    • Great you liked it! It is one of the best markets I have been to.

  5. I am sad we didn’t get to see this market when we were there last year!

    • Well, there will be a next time (I hope). I am sure you got to see a lot of nice sights in Vienna.

  6. You just made me hungry and I’m ready for bed now! Great, thanks! haha #CityTripping

    • Ok, so hopefully, you will have food dreams. I get those once in a while, mainly when I go to bed hungry.

  7. So much delicious things to pick from


    • I know. It is hard to pick only a few things. That is why we went back for a second round.

  8. I absolutely love markets and this one would be dangerous for my bank account for sure 😉

    • I can see that happening. There are certain unique things in the market that you feel like buying. They are not necessarily cheap.

  9. Markets are fantastic aren’t they, there is always so much going on and on a side-note, I love the colours you have captured (especially the purple carrots … are they purple carrots?). I thought it was interesting that it was busier in the evening than in the morning so thanks for sharing that information. #WanderfulWednesday

    • Yes, those are purple carrots. They are a thing and very popular at markets in Southern California.

  10. Wow – there’s so much colorful food there, it’s making me hungry.

    • That is exactly why I liked this place. Couldn’t believe all the colors surrounding me.

    • Me too! The produce in here was really good. Who says you cannot ear healthy while traveling?

  11. What an abundance of riches. It must have been so fun to eat and partake in a photo safari there.

    • It would be nice to go on a photo tour of the place (maybe something like that exists). I would have liked to take a look at the flea market.

  12. These colours!! I love markets that show off the colours of the rainbow and with this many tasty treats! Take me there 😉

    • Great! There is definitely enough colors to form a rainbow. It would be nice to visit a market like this with a group of bloggers and photographers.

  13. Great write up Ruth. I’ve walked past the Naschmarkt quite a bit and do think its worth a visit. I found it rather strange how much Middle-eastern and Russian foods and spices you can find there, but yes there are quite a few restaurants and beisls. My parents and I wondered about the name of the market and found that “Naschen” means to snack, so we assumed it was the “Snack Market”. #WanderfulWednesday

    • Well, that explanation about the name sounds good to me ;0) I got the same feeling about the Middle Eastern vendor. What was funny is that they were listening to some music by Puerto Rican artists.

  14. I agree, I love wandering around markets – it shows such a personal side of the city, what people are really buying and what amazing food there often is as well as the flea markets you find. It’s almost always a good spot to snack too, which is great. An incredible variety here! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping
    Cathy (MummyTravels)h recently posted..Review: Kids Fly Legs Up flight hammockMy Profile

    • Hi Cathy, I love how you described markets. I like the thought of them presenting a personal side of the city. It is good to think about them on those terms.

    • I had a doner kebab and baklava. The second time I stopped by, I had a wiener schnitzel and my husband had seafood pasta.

    • Believe me, I had to restrain myself a bit because I felt like eating everything.

    • Thanks a lot. I like to get close-ups because fruits and vegetables are so pretty (at lest for me). In this case, they were shiny and vibrant. I couldn’t resist that.

  15. Naschmarkt looks like a proper working market Ruth and I really love those. Here in London I would say with the exception of the wholesale markets the produce markets are “foodie” markets selling mainly pre prepared foods. I really appreciate produce markets as you really find the heart of a community and can talk to the vendors about where your food has come from. Thanks for sharing this brilliant find with us on #FarawayFiles

    • Here in Los Angeles we have both. We call Farmer’s Market the ones where a lot of produce are sold (but they have some pre-prepared and made on the spot food) and food halls to the ones that consist mainly of restaurants. I like both but, to me, European markets are different in many ways (in good ways).

  16. Sounds like a worthwhile visit. I think I would have preferred the morning visit; my husband and I went to the market in Versailles France and we had so much fun talking with the vendors there. They were so nice! 🙂

    I like all of the variety found at this market. It looks like you could find nearly anything you were looking for!
    Mandy recently posted..Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (Or Not, as the Case May Be)My Profile

    • That is a good tip. I didn’t know there is a market in Versailles. I am glad you had a good time there.

  17. Looks so awesome! We love buying condiments from wherever we go so I should check out this market next time I’m in Vienna. Sadly, I didn’t know about it until now. #citytripping
    Vlad recently posted..A Quick And Minty Journey To MoroccoMy Profile

    • Glad you learned about it in here. Hope you make it there in the future.

  18. Your photos of the produce at the Naschmarkt are absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thanks Rachel!

  19. Wonderful. I’ve been to Vienna several times and I had no idea this market existed. I, too, love the sights, smells and sounds of a market, particularly in a foreign country, and I totally agree with your thoughts on “human interaction”; it’s what travel is all about.

    Thanks for a great post, and greetings from Luxembourg. #farawayfiles
    Jonny (daisythebus) recently posted..Castles at ChristmasMy Profile

    • Well, I am sure you will like to visit next time. I think it is a great place to visit with kids.

  20. I’d definitely like to wander around this market. So vibrant and colourful – which you have captured in your photos. From your description I can almost smell the scents and spices. What a brilliant find. #citytripping

    • Great you got the experience from the photos and descriptions. That is how I like to find out about a place.

  21. Looks like a true marketplace. I’m with you and would love to visit during the day and again at night. Love your photo style.

    • Thanks Elaine! It is great to be able to visit a place twice (or more). I know time is limited a lot of times but there are places that capture our hearts.

  22. I love markets too, for all the reasons you described. This one looks particularly vibrant. Such colorful and inviting photos! #farawayfiles

    • Thanks Corey! I am glad you enjoyed this particular market.

  23. These outdoor markets are one of the many things I miss about Europe. We have some of these here in Los Angeles, but they are not even close to what you can find there. Besides, they are outrageously expensive. I’ve been in Vienna only once and didn’t see Naschmarkt, but from what you are describing it’s very similar to the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • I am with you Anda. We have some great markets in Los Angeles but they do not feel anything like the European markets. Also agree on the your comment about the prices. Thanks for your insight knowledge on the market in Munich.

  24. Omigosh Ruth! Did you have to roll out of that market? I would have. Everything looks so yummy and amazing. I love it. Happy Holidays!

    • I had to force myself out because I wanted to stay but we had lots to see during the day. I felt great sitting in one of the food stalls and people watching.

  25. Wow, what a place. I would love to immerse myself in the international food section with the sushi and kimchi, try the vegetables stuffed with cheese and a few of the dips like hommus with chilli.

    • I wished I had the stomach to eat all that. I got stuffed pretty fast!

  26. Nice to read about another market from your perspective – Vienna is a place I’d love to visit in 2017. We love to wander around markets as well although we don’t tend to buy very much, but it is a great place to find some unique things.
    Jessica recently posted..5 Day Isle of Skye and Scottish Highlands ItineraryMy Profile

    • I hope your dreams of visiting Vienna in 2017 come true. I am not that into shopping but enjoy markets. I see them as a way to connect to the culture.

  27. Great photos, Ruth. I love this sort of market – the spices remind me of the spice souks in Marrakesh and you’re so right about the pleasures of wandering around local markets when you’re visiting a new place. It’s great that you’ve discovered another sight to see when visiting Vienna. Thanks for sharing with us on #FarawayFiles

    • I would love, love to visit the souks in Morocco. That would be a dream. I have been to markets in Egypt and they were great.

  28. I absolutely love strolling through markets and trying all sorts of different foods and spices. My favourite market so far is the Pike Place Market in Seattle but this one looks very promising as well. I’ll definitely check it out when I visit Vienna!

    • Oh! I have heard great things about the Pike Place Market. That is one place that is on my “to visit” list.

  29. We’re a sucker for markets. We’ve actually been to Vienna, but the weather was terrible at that time of the year so we’ll revisit the city later and then we will definitively check out this market. So many beautiful and colourful pictures! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Monica @We Travel Together recently posted..Drake Bay & Corcovado NPMy Profile

    • Yes, I know Vienna get very cold and great. We were lucky since the weather was gorgeous when we visited.

  30. Love your colorful photos! What a cool market – I bet you’re glad you found it!

    • I am glad indeed!

  31. My mouth is watering looking at all this deliciousness. Whenever I find a market like this, I hope that I am in an apartment or someplace with a little kitchen. I’m guessing that Naschmarkt is more for locals than tourists. Do you think it’s complete enough that they can buy all their groceries here?
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted..ICE! Sculptures at Gaylord HotelsMy Profile

    • Michelle, I think you can find all your groceries there. The variety is just stunning. Plus, plan to get all sorts of things gourmet. This market has it all.

  32. I was just telling my ESL students why going to markets when travelling is important and how they reveal so much about the people and the culture. Your market photos are always fantastic! 😀

    • That is great Becky. I encourage everybody to visit markets. They are the real deal.

  33. Hi, Ruth! What a fantastic find! As you well know, I am a market lover, too. I would have spent hours at the spice stall. I would have left loaded down with a lot of those little bags. Thanks for co-hosting this week. #TPThursday

    • I believe you Nancie. There was so much stuff I have never seen before. Loved reading all the names.

  34. I also love visiting a local market to see what is on offer. Something about seeing it all out in the open in one place really gives you a sense of the culture, what they eat and what is available to them. This is beautifully captured. Thank you for sharing with #FarawayFiles, Erin

  35. Glad you liked it Erin. Hands down, this is one of the best markets I have visited. I went to a market in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and they had a picture of this market in Vienna.

  36. I’m such a foodie, you know that so I would love to visit this market. So many great fruits and veggies!! 🙂 I’m in love with Vienna already, although I haven’t made it there.

    • If you are in Vienna and happen to love food, this is the place to visit. You will be amazed at the food displays there.

  37. So much delicious things to pick from
    Thanks for amazing Post.

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