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Posted by on May 6, 2013 | 0 comments

Prepare your Body for the Slopes: It’s Not All About the Gym

With the ski season over and done with for another year, now is a perfect time to book your next stint on the slopes, with plenty of online opportunities for great savings. Whether you choose to ski Italy or head over the Atlantic to the Canadian Rockies, skiing is an awesome way to let off some steam and feel the buzz of an adrenaline fuelled break.

While experienced skiers will already have an element of fitness, beginners may not have. Don’t let this dishearten you though – you can prepare yourself, and your body, in no time. You don’t even have to fork out for a gym membership if you don’t want to either – it’s not for everyone and it’s not the only solution.

Skiing in Courchevel, France

Check out some of these fab ways to improve your fitness in time for the winter season.

Walking is an awesome way to exercise, strengthening and warming up the leg muscles in time for some ski action. Whether you’re an avid walker anyway, or you’re in charge of walking the dog, take the opportunity of the good weather this summer that shall hopefully happen and get outside! Take the dog for a jog through the woodland or spend a little more time outdoors hiking and enjoying the fresh air.

If you decide to take a nice walk in the countryside, don’t opt for the easy routes. Choose steeper paths to work out your muscles a little more!

Playing with the kids outside is a fab way to enjoy some fun exercise. Enjoy a kickabout in the park or a game of rounders if there’s a few of you, or dust off the cobwebs on your bike and go for a family bike ride.

Avoid using the car if you can help it. It may be more convenient but it’s nowhere near as good for your fitness. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment too!

Skiing with Neilson holidays opens up a whole host of possibilities for skiers of all proficiencies. Head online for some fantastic deals – as it’s the end of season this year, you may be able to bag a bargain!

Photo Credit: Couchevel Tourism 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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