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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 | 6 comments

Pulhapanzak: One of Honduras Most Beautiful Destinations

I have never been to Niagara, Victoria or Iguaçu Falls. I have heard regular waterfalls do not amaze you anymore after seeing these huge drops of water (the biggest and widest in the world).

However, I can say I have been affected by one waterfall.  I coexisted with her 2 days and a night.  I got used to her thundering sound.  I had the courage to stand beneath her even though I almost suffocate.

That waterfall I am referring to is called Pulhapanzak and it is located in the Western part of Honduras.  Some consider it one of the most amazing sights in the country.  I have to agree with those who have delighted their eyes with this beauty.



There are a lot of reasons why Pulhapanzak rocks:

  • It has the coolest name.  Pulhapanzak is a Mayan word which means “white river overflow”.
  • We can say it is the drop-off a beautiful river.  I am not joking about this.  The waterfall is formed by the Rio Lindo (beautiful river) dropping from a high cliff.
  • It is located only an hour from San Pedro Sula (the road taking you here is in good condition).
  • The drop has a height of 43 meters or 140 feet.  That is just 30 feet less than Niagara.
  • What else can I say, well, do I have to mention the waterfall is huge, beautiful and mesmerizing?

Pulhapanzak Waterfall


Saw the previous photo?  That is what I call amazing!!

Even though the flow in the previous picture looks humongous, it can be way bigger.

First, I visited during the dry season. Second, the flow at the top of the falls is lightly dammed in order to create a pool.

Turquoise Pool at the Top of the Waterfall


The falls are located inside a touristic center (have to pay $2 to enter).  You can pay the entrance fee, take a look at the falls and continue seeing the area attractions.

Or you can spend the day in the center watching the waterfall, bathing in the pools, zip-lining, river tubing and visiting the water caves. You can pass the night at one of the cabins or at a spot on the campground.  There are a lot of options.  For more information, visit  The people who work at the center are really nice and are eager to help you. Don’t forget to ask about the tours.

Top of the trail leading to the waterfall viewpoint


I visited as part of a two day excursion with Jungle Xpedition.  View my review of this company here.

Waterfall seen from the top of the trails


Me in front of Pulhapanzak


Falls close up


After taking a good look at the falls, we got ready to take a look at the caves behind it.  I will provide more details about this activity in an upcoming post.  I don’t know how I got the courage to do something like this.  One thing is to see a waterfall from a distance.  Another is to feel its full force over your body.  Here are some of the photos I took with my waterproof camera.  They look foggy because all the mist surrounding us.

Pulhapanzak seen from below


Heading towards the monster (we look so small next to the waterfall).


We also had the opportunity to camp in front of the waterfall.  This was an amazing experience too.  You hear the thundering noise but it is difficult to see who is making the sound.  In the morning, when I was half awake, I got confused.  I heard the waterfall noise in my dreams but couldn’t realize what was going on.  Then, I remembered where I was.  I woke up saw the waterfall standing before me.  This one of the most unique experience in my entire life.

Camping in front of Pulhapanzak


Our campground


If time is on your side, make sure you take feel the waterfall from many perspectives (from far, from below, from behind).  Where else are you going to have the opportunity to be in the presence so huge? I will not stop raving about this place in a long time.  It was so incredible.  Waterfall are not going to look the same anymore.

Pulhapanzak in the morning

Have you visited Pulhapanzak? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. I like that campsite — what a great spot. Nice photo of you, too!

  2. Oh wow, that waterfall is gorgeous! I especially love the misty picture from below. So cool you’re able to camp by the waterfall and that there are caves too! My kind of place!
    Norbert recently posted..Celebrating Passover At An Israeli KubbutzMy Profile

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