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Posted by on May 30, 2012 | 2 comments

Review: Jungle Xpedition, Honduras

Honduras is a country full of magnificent wonders.  Most visitors concentrate around Copan, the North Coast and the Bay Islands.  Those are amazing places indeed.  However, there is a hidden face of the country deserving every traveler’s attention.  That “hidden face” has all the components to make your trip memorable.  Mountains, cloud forests, waterfalls, lakes and rivers are just some of the components that complete the adventure equation in this Central American country.

Sunset at Yojoa Lake


Now, I am going to give you the secret to explore this part of the country in the best possible way.  First, you have to base yourself in San Pedro Sula for a couple of days.  Second, you have to book a tour with a company called Jungle Xpedition.  Listen up, forget about any preconceptions you may have about the city of San Pedro Sula and organized tours. I am recommending Jungle Xpedition because:

1) They are cost effective.

2) It is all about locals showing you their country (feels like you are spending time with friends).

3) The tours are adventure packed but also focused on culture, ecology and education.

4) You are going to have the time of your life

Company Description

Jungle Xpedition is a local owned company based in San Pedro Sula.  Their mission is to promote eco-tourism in the natural areas close to the city.  They focus on creating jobs for locals in rural areas and partner with businesses to provide services to their customers.

Taulabe Caves


This company sets an excellent example in the country and the rest of Central America.  Of all the companies I have used for my travels around the region, this is the first time I have being involved with one founded and run solely by locals.  Juan Carlos Paz and his family have started working in this business from scratch.  Therefore, when you book, you can be sure your money is a 100% benefiting the locals (which is something really important to me).

Another thing to love about this company is the passion they put into everything.  It is obvious they love what they do. Once you book a trip, you feel part of the family.  It is like friends are driving you around.  Plus, you are going to meet like minded travelers and a lot of Juan Carlos’ friends (which are equally cool).

Expeditions Offered

They also stand out because they call their offerings expeditions not tours.  But this is not just a coolness factor.  The places visited are remote, rugged and unknown to even natives.  There are many expeditions to chose from (varied and exciting).   In fact, you can fill an entire week with the company’s activities.

Hiking in Cerro Azul Meambar National Park


Their most popular tour is to the Cusuco National Park (very close to San Pedro Sula).  In the park, you have the opportunity to hike to waterfalls, bird watch, mountain bike, rappel, horseback ride and more.  You can select an expedition of one, two or three days. Camping is included in expeditions lasting more than one day (equipment included).

Their other popular expedition is the Pulhapanzak one.  In here you visit the huge Pulhapanzak waterfall and its water caves, the Yojoa Lake, the Taulabe Caves, the Cerro Azul-Meambar National Park and more.  I did the 2 day tour version of this expedition and had an awesome time.

Pulhapanzak Waterfall


The company also offer tours to Copan and Tela.  The good thing is that they are continuously evolving.  They are adding new services and excursions at the speed of light.

My Experience

As I mentioned, I did the Pulhapanzak 2 day tour.  The experience was amazing.  I went to places I thought I would never visit; I did unbelievable things (standing underneath a 43 meters waterfall), met tons of locals and fell in love with the country.  Pretty soon, I am going to post details and photos of all the places I visited during my time with Jungle Xpedition.

Under Pulhapanzak


I loved my experience so much that I am dreaming of going back to Honduras to do the Cusuco Expedition.  If that is not love, tell me what it is.

They have a hostel too

Now, this is what makes the entire experience complete.  The company owners have recently opened a hostel called La Hamaca.  This is an amazing place containing big rooms, bathrooms and communal areas.  They have TVs, computers, wi-fi, billiards, hammocks and a grill.  The place is squeaky clean and the staff is willing there to answer all your questions.  They have private rooms too.

Food at D&D Brewery


My tour included a free night in the hostel.  I recommend staying with them before and after your trip (or for the entire time you are in San Pedro Sula).  Check them up.  The place recently won a Trip Advisor Excellence Award.

Room for Improvement

I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about the company or the hostel.  So, I’ll give them 5 stars (more if possible).

Rowing in Yojoa Lake, Honduras



Hostal Website:

If you are thinking about visiting Honduras,  make yourself a favor and check Jungle Xpedition.  This is a decision you will not regret.

Camping next to Pulhapanzak

Note: I was not compensated or asked to write this review.  All the opinions expressed in here are the result of the great experience I had with the company and its owners.

Would you like to book an expedition with Jungle Xpedition?  Let me know in the comments section below.


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