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Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 | 0 comments

Thailand’s Blue Tiger: Day 2 (Scene 4)

Filming Location: Bangkok

 Day 1

 Scene 4

 We continued walking towards the structure which houses the Emerald Buddha. This is the most revered statue in Thailand (that is why is in the temple next to the royal house). Legend tells the statue has thousands of years.  In fact, the statue is made of jade not emerald.

 Before arriving to the ubosot (holiest prayer room, where the statue of the Buddha is located), we encountered more imaginary beings.  The last post presented the guardians or giants.  In here, we are going to see other creatures commissioned to embellish the palace grounds.

 A Kinnara or a celestial musician half-human, half bird.

A guardian called Nok Tantima.

Garudas (mythological birds) surrounding the ubosot.

More little guardians at work (don’t they look tired?)

Once we arrived to the ubosot, we entered to take a look at the statue. It is quite small (45 cm).  Photography is not allowed inside the prayer house.  I tried to take a picture thru one of the windows but I was not able to take a good one.  My camera has a good zoom but I was not able to focus correctly due to movement.  What can I say?  It was difficult to hold the camera still while surrounded by tons of people.

 There is an interesting fact I learned at the palace. The statue has a set of clothes for each season. It has a change for summer, one for winter and one for the rainy season. Of course, no fabric is exquisite enough to touch the paladin of Thailand. His clothes are made of pure gold. The two changes of clothes that the statue is not using at a specific season can be found at one of the palace’s museums. I do not remember the name of the museum but is close to the ticket office (in case you want to take a look).

 Of course, there were more interesting sights to admire.

Thai Architucture

Palace Grounds

In the next post, I am going to show pictures of the actual palace.  We have been seeing photos of the Temple of Emerald Buddha surroundings.

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