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Posted by on Feb 7, 2011 | 0 comments

Thailand’s Blue Tiger: Day 3 (Scene 1)

Filming Location: Bangkok

Day 3

Scene 1

Happy new year!! Our third day in Bangkok coincided with the first day of the Thai traditional year (they start counting the years since the birth of the Buddha; therefore it was the first day of the year 2053). We had several plans for the day.  We wanted to visit the National Museum, Wat Arun and Vimanmek mansion. But there was a problem. We were not sure if all these places were going to be open on the holiday (deep inside we knew the answer).

 So we took a taxi and told the driver we wanted to go to the National Museum. The driver didn’t understand what we were saying. A person who was passing by told us he knew English and offered to explain the taxi driver where we wanted to go. We saw relief in the driver’s face when the other guy explained him where we wanted to go. Warning: our superhero (the guy who inexplicably spoke perfect English) did not fulfill our expectations.

 I don’t know what the English language expert told the driver but what I do know is that he left us in the incorrect place. When I saw the surroundings, I suspected that something was wrong. I asked if that was the National Museum.  The driver signaled me to pay and get out of the taxi. There was no more option than to get out.  After a few minutes walking around, it was confirmed, we were lost. Again.  What a way to start the year 2053 (I never thought I would make it to that year).

 The place was desolated. We started to walk towards the nearest intersection in order to see the name of the street and place it on my map. We realized we were near Wat Po. We talked to some people who confirmed our suspicions: the places we wanted to go were closed (except Wat Arun because it is a temple).

 Analyzing our options, we decided to go to Wat Po. I know. I know. Why visit a previously visited place? Interestingly, it was wonderful to see the temple in the morning and in such an important day for Thais. The place was packed with families celebrating together. We could see the beauty of small places that were closed during the afternoon we visited. It was a new place in a different light.

Chedis at Wat Po

Decorated image at Wat Po

Fortune Teller?

More chedis at Wat Po

Door View

Monks walking around

Songkran festivities

Temple Design

It was a good decision to enter the temple.  On the next post, I am going to show you what the Thai culinary experts were offering in the temple.

See you.



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