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Posted by on Aug 21, 2016 | 1 comment

Tips on Staying Safe While Traveling by JustFly

As fun and exciting as traveling can be, lots of people still refrain from doing it. No, it’s not because of budget limitations or an extremely busy schedule — it’s because of fear. Fear of being far away from home. Fear of not knowing anybody in the vicinity.

While such fear is rational and is certainly justifiable, it still should not hinder you from seeing the places that you wish to see. The truth is, no place is truly safe. The town that you grew up in can just pose as much danger as a bustling city halfway across the world. However, people simply feel a lot more vulnerable when they are in foreign territory. With the help of JustFly, today we will give you some tips on staying safe while traveling.

1. Research thoroughly

Tips on Staying Safe While Traveling by JustFly

Before setting out on your journey, always do some thorough research about your destination. Look at some government websites and save all the emergency numbers on your phone. This includes the police department, the fire department, and if possible, the number of the nearest medical clinic or hospital. Aside from that, you may want to find out about the crime rate in the specific city that you will be visiting, not just the country.

2. Keep your valuables hidden

Tips on Staying Safe While Traveling by JustFly

Always hide your ID, passport, and other valuables inside your bag. Better yet, keep the original copies inside a zip lock bag or another waterproof container. Also, only carry sufficient amount of cash with you at all times, avoid bringing excessive amounts of cash.

Always keep your camera, smartphone, laptop, or other electronic gadgets inside a secure bag. If possible, just leave them hidden inside your hotel room, as these are the things that muggers are always looking for.

3. Avoid looking like a tourist

Tips on Staying Safe While Traveling by JustFly

Dress casually and don’t bring a gigantic bag. Wearing flashy clothes and carrying a camera around your neck, snapping photos every 5 seconds only makes you a thief magnet. It would be best to learn the practices of the people from your destination to allow yourself to blend in.

4. Avoid getting drunk

Tips on Staying Safe While Traveling by JustFly

I know, I know. What fun would your vacation be without a bit of booze, right? Unfortunately, getting drunk only makes you several times more vulnerable than your sober self. Passing out and waking up only to find your valuables stolen can turn a blissful weekend into an unfortunate disaster. If you must drink, do so in moderation and always make sure to keep an eye to your glass or cup. Do not accept drinks from strangers.

5. Learn some self defense

Tips on Staying Safe While Traveling by JustFly

Before your trip, try enrolling in some self-defense classes. You will not only be able to defend yourself from physical offenders, but you will also feel a lot more competent and secure, even if you’re traveling alone.

Now that you know how to stay safe while enjoying your trip, what’s stopping you? Go book a flight with JustFly today — or click here to read the JustFly reviews. You never know what you’re missing! What other safety traveling tips can you add? Share your ideas with us and help fellow travelers out.

How do you stay safe on the road?

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1 Comment

  1. Hey Ruth, I totally agree. I took some Krav Maga classes before coming to Ecuador, and I hope I never have to use what I learnt, but it’s definitely very good to know! I also look behind me periodically when walking around (and use reflections in windows etc.) to see who’s behind me and keep my cash scattered across various pockets.

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