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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 | 1 comment

Top 6 New York City Hotspots

6 Hotspots in New York City


This is a guest post written by Bob Mauer of The Traveling Tripster.

New York City in has always seemed like an exhilarating place to visit. It is without doubt one of the most popular and expensive vacation cities in the world. As a first time visitor to the city, I found New York to be a completely mind boggling and memorable. There are numerous amazing places to visit and things to do. Whether for a one day visit or extended vacation, I think New York City has it all.


A walk around the Central Park

 Central Park, New York City

I chose the popular Central Park as my first place to visit. I suppose you can consider it a kind of irony to visit a park within one of the most densely populated and technologically advanced urban areas in the world. This wide expanse of greenery is a visual treat. I rented a bicycle and rode around the park taking in the vibrant colors in the form of plants, animals and people. This place has it all – water bodies, rolling fields and also beautiful walking trials. Cycling through, I saw the Bow Bridge and the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture. The view of the lake over which the Bow Bridge stands was breathtaking.


The iconic Times Square

I continued my tour with the Times Square – something which New York City is synonymous. I walked around taking in the sights of the massive billboards all around the square. This is also the place of many famous Broadway shows and other well known attractions. I watched various peddlers selling jewelry as well as art pieces on the street. Although crowded at times, I found the Times Square to be very pedestrian friendly. I was often tempted to enter one of the many shops lining the street. I ended up buying some beautiful tokens to take back home!


A run through the Yankee Stadium

 Yankee Stadium, New York City

As an all-time baseball fan, Yankee Stadium was a must visit for me. I opted for the guided tour which took me through the clubhouse, Monument Park and also a stroll around the New York Yankees Museum. I was fascinated with all history of the game presented here. The company of fellow baseball lovers was a welcome addition because I was able to get into friendly debates about who I felt was the best team. I made a mental note to attend one of the sporting events in the city on my next visit. The energy and enthusiasm here was truly infectious.  


The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge

I had seen this iconic bridge countless times in various movies and television series. But seeing it with my own eyes was even better. I got a taste of commuting with real New Yorker. This bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn and it is indeed a view to behold. While at Brooklyn, I also treated myself to the scrumptious pizza at the Grimaldi’s. This pizza joint is located right under the Brooklyn Bridge and serves coal fired pizza, which left me wanting for more.


A view of the beautiful skyline of the city

Anyone visiting the New York City will have the Empire State Building on their list. So did I. I wanted to experience the view of the New York City skyline that I had heard so much about. And I also wanted to see the city in its glorious lighted self. Hence, in the evening, I rode up the Empire State Building in the elevator and walked out on the observation deck. I feasted my eyes to the beautiful, 360 degree view of the city skyline. The view of the waterways, skyscrapers, bridges, islands was picturesque. The brightly lit city seemed to shimmer beneath the gradually darkening horizon.


A taste of the NYC nightlife

 Nighlife, New York City

My visit to the New York City would have been incomplete without experiencing the amazing nightlife this city is famous for. Hence, I strolled out after dark and went to the Lower East Side where all the popular bars are located. I decided to try a comedy club and amidst refreshing drinks, had a gala time laughing and cheering the talent there. I met a number of interesting people and socialized well over great food and lively music. The NYC nightlife is definitely not overrated. At the end of the night, I went back to my hotel, with the satisfaction of having spent a wonderful day at this sparkling, lively and classy city.

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Photo Credits: First photo is property of the editor.  All other photos provided by Bob Mauer.

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