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Posted by on Aug 2, 2011 | 12 comments

Vancouver’s Viceroy: Day 3 (Scene 1)

On our third day in Vancouver, we decided to do a short excursion outside the city.  We agreed to visit Grouse Mountain which is located in the North Shore Mountains (north of Vancouver).  The mountain top is accessed by an aerial tram (or a grueling hiking trail).  The top is full of interesting amenities.  In winter, you can ski to your heart’s content.  Summer brings the famous lumberjack shows and the opportunity to enjoy the numerous hiking trails.  Additionally, there are wildlife refuges where you can observe bears and wolfs.  And, did I mention the views?  The views of Vancouver (and even Washington State) are magnificent.

We arrived to the base of Grouse Mountain using public transportation.  We took a look at day tours but they were expensive and provided limited time at the top of the mountain.  The city’s information center provided us with exact information of how to reach our destination.  Don’t you love when a city has an easy way to get anywhere you want to go?

Getting to the mountain was part of the experience.  We took the ferry connecting Downtown and North Vancouver.  Then, a bus crisscrossing winding roads took us to the entrance of the recreational area.

Tunnel used to board the ferry

 The easiest way to get up is by taking an aerial tram which by the way is made by a Swiss company.  It is interesting to notice that we were able to see the tramway path in the mountain from Downtown Vancouver (and from the ferry).  We kept wondering why there was a weird tree void in one of the mountains.  Then we realized that some trees had to be cut in order to clear space for the tramway to pass.

I always get butterflies in my stomach when I have board this type of trams. Of course, I boarded it because the reward outnumbers my fear.

Car descending from Grouse Mountain


Once at the top we were faced with the glorious views.  To one side, we had downtown Vancouver.

Take a close look at the photo below.  You are going to see two peninsulas (or legs) in the water.  The shorter one is where downtown Vancouver is located.  The long one is where Vanier Park and the Museum of Anthropology are located.

View from the top of Grouse Mountain


On another side we had a view of the North Shore Mountains.  There are two peaks known as The Lions.

The Lions

 The interesting thing is that you can even take a look at Mount Baker located in Washington State.  The day we ascend to the mountain, the weather was cooperating so we were able to take a close up of the mountain.  I guess is cool to take a picture of the United States from Canada.

View with Mount Baker in the distance

Close up of Mount Baker which is located in Washington State

 The views were endless.  We walked around absorbing everything and taking pictures.  Because not every day you have the opportunity to have great views, fresh air and benign weather.

Mountains covered with pines


Downtown Vancouver seen from the top of the mountain


Beauty at the top

More of Grouse Mountain is coming so stay tuned.  See you next time.

Me at the top


    • When we went to Vancouver the weather was great. We got like two days of rain but we found things to do indoors. Vancouver has lots indoor and outdoor offerings. And we were able to walk or take public transportation!!! Great.
      Ruth recently posted..Vancouver’s Viceroy: Day 3 (Scene 1)My Profile

    • The most recent one I have taken was the tram to Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. I was a little nervous at first but the views were so great that I forgot I was in the air.
      Ruth recently posted..Vancouver’s Viceroy: Day 3 (Scene 1)My Profile

  1. Great views from up on top! I always enjoy ferry and tram rides, too. Wish I’d had time to go to Grouse Mountain when I was in Vancouver in June. Nice photos.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Sam Spade Was HereMy Profile

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