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Posted by on Aug 14, 2011 | 4 comments

Vancouver’s Viceroy: Day 3 (Scene 2)

Last time I wrote about Grouse Mountain, I concentrated at the gorgeous views you can admire from the top.

But Grouse Mountain offers much more.

In winter, you can do the following:

  • Ski
  • Snowboard
  • Ice Skate
  • Snow Shoeing

In summer, you can do the following:

  • Hike
  • Zipline
  • Watch the lumberjack show
  • Watch the Birds in Motion show

But, guess what?  I visited in fall.  Therefore, it was not possible to perform any of the winter activities.  Plus, the shows are only presented during the warm season.  So, my husband and I hiked around and enjoyed the views.

The mountain resort also offers the opportunity to go to the top of a massive wind turbine called The Eye of the Wind.  At the top of the turbine, there is a clear glass pod from where you can enjoy 360 degrees views. This is a unique concept in the world.  The pod is only 3 meters from the turbine blades.   The pod is accessed by an elevator and the price of going up is not included in the admission price.

The Eye of the Wind

We knew we were not going to ascend to the top of the turbine but at least, we wanted to reach the base.  There was one small (ahem, or big) obstacle.  The turbine is at the highest part of the mountain and the ski lift that takes you there was not working.  That mean we had to hike a steep trail to get there.  Ok, we decided to go for it and we made it to the top!!!  Of course, I ended up taking out my jacket and scarf.  Sweat drops started to appear even though the temperature was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Me with the Eye of the Wind


 The good thing about going up was the opportunity to enjoy even better views (because we were at a higher point).  The beauty of Vancouver and British Columbia is incredible.

View of Vancouver from the hughest part of the mountain

Pine covered mountains

After visiting The Eye of the Wind, it was time to take a look at the wildlife refuge.  Grouse Mountain has an animal research, education and conservation center.  Because of this, they offer programs allowing visitors to learn more about nature.  Rangers usually share information about certain species with the public.

So, it was really cool to visit the grizzly bears refuge.  Two bears, named Grinder and Coola, live in the refuge.  Both of them where found when they were cubs (both were abandoned by their mothers and found in a really weak state).  Grinder is smaller in size but is the dominant male.  When we visited they were extremely active so we were able to observe their behavior from close.  They were in their water pond playing and/or fighting.  I can’t really tell what they were actually doing.



Grinder and Coola playing

Or, are they fighting?

There was also a wolf refuge.


Before we knew it, the entire day passed and it was time to return to downtown Vancouver.  Even though we were happy to be in contact with nature at the top of the mountain, I think I was happier to discover how amazingly nice the people of Vancouver is. 

We had to return to the ferry departing area by bus.  While waiting, a long line formed (including a group of about 50 students).  I was worried because I couldn’t see how all those people were going to fit into the bus.  Then, the inexplicable happened.  All of us were able to get into the bus!!! The group of students let every person outside of their group board first. Then, they entered.  Those kids were so considerate.  I felt we were pressed into that bus like sardines into a can. 

Wait, that is not all.  When we were going down the mountain, a mom with her two kids (one in a stroller) were waiting at a bus stop.  The driver faced with the situation took his microphone and asked for the understanding of all the presents.  He said: “I know we don’t have space in here but I would not like to leave anybody behind”.  And, you know what? Some space was made for the lady and her kids.  Wow, if only all human beings were able to consider not leaving behind anybody.  Definitely, the people of Vancouver are one of the city’s biggest assets.


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  1. I’d love to go to the Eye of that wind turbine! How exciting! And wow, what views. I love Vancouver and BC, too. And like you, I have had such positive experiences with Vancouver bus drivers. They are very friendly and curteous.
    Christina recently posted..Discovering Vancouver: False Creek seawallMy Profile

  2. Wow. Manners on a bus???? I am blown away. There are no bus manners in Singapore, it’s every pushy person for themselves.
    I LOVE the sound of Grouse Mountain — bears and wolves and views. Magnificent!
    Barbara recently posted..Prawn Fishing In SingaporeMy Profile

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