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Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 | 1 comment

Watersports in Antigua

In 1784 Admiral Nelson sailed into Antigua and established Britain’s most important naval base in the Caribbean. Thanks to its coral reef and protected harbours Antigua’s layout made it ideal to hide a fleet of ships from prying enemy eyes.

Over 200 years later and Antigua is still an incredibly popular destination for those who enjoy life both above and below the waves. The legendary Trade Winds now fuel one of the world’s premier sailing events and the coral reef that kept Nelson’s enemies at bay offers divers the opportunity to explore the exotic marine life surrounding the island.

Thanks to regular, great value Antigua flights with flythomascook this haven for water sports enthusiasts is more accessible than ever, and just look at what’s awaiting you when you land.

Sailing Week

One of the best known events on the maritime calendar and one of the biggest events of its kind in the world. It’s an action packed six day event, held at the end of April each year, with non competing yachts given the opportunity to follow the action. Sailing week is a fantastic time during which to visit Antigua, not only for the sporting opportunities but because the entire island is abuzz with a party like atmosphere and busy social calendar.

Antigua Harbor



With coral reefs encircling the entire island, the opportunities to learn to dive with skilled instructors, or for more experienced divers to explore, are vast. Antigua offers a wide variety of dive sites with marine life such as tropical fish, lobster, turtles, barracuda, sting rays and a whole host of other species to discover.



For something a little different, kayaking is definitely something to consider during your stay. From peaceful lagoons to uninhabited islands, fish spawning areas and the mangrove eco system, you will get to see a completely different side of Antigua.

Antigua Beach


Those with a passion for all things nautical will find that Antigua has something to offer every taste and skill level, so why not book your next holiday to this magical island and see what maritime delights await you.


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