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What is a tanama?

Tanama is the Taino word that means butterfly.  The Tainos were the pre-Columbian habitants of the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles and some of the Lesser Antilles.  

I love butterflies.  I have always liked them.  Their beauty, colors, variety and flying capacity cast a spell on me. Additionally, I like them because the metamorphosis process has an interesting similarity to life. 

Different languages use incredibly fascinating words to refer to butterflies.  But, without a doubt, I had to choose the word used by the inhabitants of my island (Puerto Rico). I always knew I wanted to use this word in my site!

Moreover, the original Greek word for butterfly means soul.  So, the name of this site can be reinterpreted as soul tales.  In other words, all the thoughts expressed here come from the depths of my being.

As a consequence, the majority of the sections in this site have names related to butterfly species.

  • Morpho Lab – This section contains articles about diverse themes (love, work, and life in general).  The section honors the Morpho butterfly.
  • Wizard Movies – This section contains my travel tales narrated as movie scenes.  Each tale has a title (movie name) and it is divided by filming days and scenes.  The Wizard is an Asian butterfly.
  • Monarch Migration – In here you can find a list of the countries I have visited.  The section is named after the Monarch butterfly.  This butterfly flies thousands of miles each year in order to reach its winter home.
  • Papillon Photo – Papillon is the French word which means butterfly.  This section contains articles aimed to highlight the beauty of some places through photography.
  • Traveling Firetips – In here, you can find important lessons I have learned while traveling.  There are tips related to transportation, food, hotels, shopping, etc.  The Firetip is an Asian butterfly.