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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 | 7 comments

Why I Travel: 101 Reasons

Why I travel, 101 reasons


The other day I heard a person giving his opinions of why people travel.   He was arguing travel is a selfish act where people are seeking meaningless pleasure.

I couldn’t help it.  I rolled my eyes.  I understand these are very bad manners but it was my instinctive way to reject that thought.

To be fair, each person has his/her own reasons to travel.  That is why I feel so bothered by generalizations.

Answering a difficult question such as “Why I Travel?” is a personal exercise.  Nobody can respond it for you or put words in your mouth.

So, I challenged myself with the question and aimed to come up with 101 reasons.  It took me several days to fill up the list.  However, I enjoyed a lot the process and the end result.  In a way, it made me fall in love with travel even more.  And more important, there are lot of reasons that benefit me and others.


Here are my reasons:

1. Find out the truth about stereotypes.

2. Ride on the world’s fastest trains.

3. Walk over different shades of sand.

4. Be more polite.

5. Order food by pointing at it.

6. Communicate in a country where you can’t understand anybody.

7. See the power of a volcano.

8. “Loose” a day of my life.

9. Find similarities among human beings.

10. Wash clothes on a bucket or bathtub.

11. Experience a lot of new “firsts.”

12. Forget about the rule of no talking to strangers.

13. Be thankful for what I have.

14. Believe in people.

15. Learn something new.

16. Shorten distances.

17. Experience winter during summer and experience summer during winter.

18. Find new uses for ordinary objects.

19. Recognize there is always a reason to smile.

20. Stand in awe before the beauty of the planet.

21. Play soccer with kids.

22. Get out of my comfort zone.

23. Admire the expertise of artisans.

24. Hike in the jungle.

25. Enjoy every moment.

26. Take it easy.

27. Think about others (not myself).

28. Eat ice cream every day.

29. Greet people with a kiss (or two).

30. Learn about others needs.

31. Use a map.

32. Feel a sense of community.

33. Make new friends.

34. Disconnect from the Internet.

35. Have no idea of what I am eating (just know it is good).

36. Practice my language skills.

37. Forget about alarm clocks.

38. See what others are doing for their cities.

39. Get lost in wilderness.

40. Be amazed by a starry night.

41. Ride on tuk-tuks.

42. Realize how little material things I need.

43. Take photographs.

44. Discover different historical perspectives.

45. Depend on recommendations.

46. Acknowledge not everything will happen as planned.

47. Breath fresh air.

48. See species I have never seen before.

49. Learn the stories of people who have lived in a place for thousands of years.

50. Forget about makeup and hair styles.

51. Get a glimpse of what make others thick.

52. Hang out in a plaza or café.

53. See geological formations.

54. Run in the rain.

55. Appreciate the small things.

56. Seize the moment.

57. Declare war to routine.

58. Have a great adventure.

59. Realize there will always be a new place to discover.

60. Do things I would not do under normal circumstances.

61. Hear interesting conversations.

62. Find out what makes a country unique.

63. Eat more than three times a day.

64. See wildflowers.

65. Share a table / meal with strangers.

66. Sit down on a sidewalk.

67. Find a better way to go from point A to point B.

68. Go on a journey

69. Learn more about myself.

70. Have more patience.

71. Forget about taking things for granted.

72. Pass on the best inside me.

73. Conquer prejudice.

74. Discover a hundred ways to flush a toilet (or leave without flushing).

75. Loose my breath when hiking a mountain.

76. Use chopsticks.

77. Enhance creativity.

78. Feel an adrenaline rush.

79. Have a lot of stories to tell.

80. Get outside the “Western” mentality.

81. Have an excuse for a road trip.

82. Keep dreaming.

83. Eat with my hands.

84. Discover different forms of art.

85. Get a lesson in hospitality.

86. Make memories.

87. Get the small town feeling.

88. Visit markets.

89. Get inspiration for life projects.

90. Contribute to local economies.

91. Conquer fear.

92. Stay in a cozy hotel.

93. Explore off-the-beaten-path places.

94. Prove I can survive in a plane 14 hours.

95. See if I find the cure to jetlag.

96. Return to those I love.

97. Buy postcards.

98. Visit archeological sites.

99. Get to the ends to earth.

100. Encourage an explorer mentality.

101. Realize life is worth living.


Now, it is your turn.

Why do you travel? Let me know in the comments section below.



    • I have my share of tuk-tuk stories. From the ones who have left me stranded (no gas) in Bangkok to the ones who cannot pass thru hills in Honduras. Yes, hair-raising is the correct term.
      Ruth recently posted..Why I Travel: 101 ReasonsMy Profile

    • Yeay, another map lover. Recently, I had to rely entirely on a map on Death Valley National Park. Great experience.
      Ruth recently posted..Why I Travel: 101 ReasonsMy Profile

  1. Quite the list. There are too many that I love to list them all….but to experience so many different cultures and ways of doing things…if nothing else – travel opens our eyes to the possibilities. I am addicted and love the chance to meet all the new people, have new perspectives and sure….there is a selfish act of pleasure seeking out there….but there are worse crimes!
    Will never give travel up. Just so happy that I am free to see the world and experience all that I have, and all that I will! Happy travels.
    Anita Mac recently posted..Monday Morning Series: Poolside in Mexico’s Mayan RivieraMy Profile

  2. Came across this post and inspired to write my own :). Very interesting and made me think all the things that I did on travel and which otherwise I will not do in regular routine life.


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