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Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 | 6 comments

A Foodie’s Guide to Visiting Europe: Delicious Ideas

Europe is a prime destination for foodies. With so many countries accessible by bus, train, and plane, you’ve got access to lots of cultures, cuisines, and famous restaurants. Every kind of foodie, from the professional restaurant reviewer to the food truck lover, will find oodles of food to enjoy in Europe. How do you choose where to go? Regions, specific restaurants, or types of cuisine are good places to start. Here are a few spots you shouldn’t miss.

Visit Sicily for Surprising Flavor Combinations

In Palermo, you’ll find Italian food with African and Arabic influences. It’s an unusual combination you won’t find at many other places in the world. Try Bye Bye Blues if you want a nice sit-down meal. Foodies who like street food and casual dining will love the opportunities Palermo presents. Where else can you get authentic pani ca meusa?

A foodie's guide to europe

Copenhagen Has the World’s Best Restaurant

Noma in Copenhagen is famous for being one of the world’s best restaurants. (Depending who you ask, it’s the best restaurant.) It has two Michelin stars, and group dinner can easily set you back $1,000. If you have the cash to spend, this is a meal you’ll remember for a lifetime. The cuisine is haute Nordic with local ingredients and genius presentation.

A foodie's guide to europe

Head to Lyon for All Things Gastronomic

No foodie’s guide to Europe is complete without discussing France. Of course, you know that Paris has some divine restaurants, but Lyon is the place to go if you want gastronomic innovation. France’s most famous chef, Paul Bocuse, lives in Lyon. He runs Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, a gastronomic competition and world championship that happens every year in January.

A foodie's guide to europe

Don’t Discount England

People like to laugh about how bad British food is. London is actually full of good restaurants. The city has 65 restaurants with Michelin stars. Because of the diverse population, London is a great place to go when you want to taste food from around the world. Of course, since you are stopping in England, you’ve got to try some classics, too. Fish and chips, Yorkshire putting, and Scotch eggs are worth posting to Instagram. Don’t forget to go to Fortnum and Mason for afternoon tea.

A foodie's guide to europe


Make Reservations in Advance

Don’t count on tables being available if you just show up; make reservations first. Since you’ll be in Europe, plan to visit several countries. Book your transportation and dinner reservations in advance so you can build an itinerary. Once you arrive, you can focus on your palate because your travel plans are in place. Also take a look at online resources detailing how to organize the best Europe trip itinerary suiting your travels.

Keep a Food Diary

While you’re traveling Europe, keep a food diary. Photograph your food and write down your impressions so you can remember every meal. Keeping your receipts is a good way to recall everything you ate. The food diary makes a great blog or a fun keepsake. If you don’t visit every city or restaurant you want to try, remember that you can always return!

To you, what are Europe’s hottest foodie spots?

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Foodie's Guide to Europe

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  1. I just got a new journal that I’m planning to use for such a purpose and also to jot down names of places that I’ve been or want to visit. I have not been to any of these places you have mentioned, but the foodie blog that I followed have featured Lyon and the food choices are amazing. I’m going back to Lisbon in a couple of months and I’m definitely signing up for a food walking tour.

  2. I agree with you, Ruth, Europe is a great destination for foodies. Being born and raised in Europe I am definitely biased about European food. I simply love it! I haven’t been in Copenhagen, Lyon, or Sicily, but I tried the British food and I loved it. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  3. I can´t miss any post about awesome foods lol love the Michelin restaurants, obviously not eating there every day – I wish 😀 but they deffenitely prove that food should be an experience! Years ago my parents went to Bocuse d’Or and they said it was indescribable! Aside from the food, Paul Bocuse came to every table to talk with guests and take pictures together and he is 90!!! That´s what happens when you´re in love with your job… Great post, pinned!

  4. i love this! i always fail on restaurants during our travels so to see recommendations is always a hit for me!!

  5. One of the things I love about travel is eating the traditional foods of a place and going to local markets. They really do take you to the heart and soul of a place. Happy travels and thanks so much for visiting my blog this week.

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