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Posted by on Oct 1, 2011 | 13 comments

Papillon Photos: Rio On Pools, Belize

After my wonderful visit to Caracol, we had the opportunity to stop at the Rio On Pools.

You may wonder what I am talking about.  I tried my best to expand my knowledge on this site but wasn’t able to find any useful information on the Internet.  I will try my best to describe the area and my experience.

Sign indicating the path to the Rio On Pools


Most of the day tours to Caracol include a visit to the Rio On Pools. As the name implies, you stop at an area where the Rio On (On River) forms tantalizing pools and refreshing waterfalls.  In my mind, this is the perfect way to spend the afternoon after walking around the steamy jungle!!!

The pools are surrounded by the Mountain Pine Ridge, a wonderland of pines, water, caves and wildlife.

Mountain Pine Ridge


This is mainly a relaxation place.  Well, a relaxation spot in the middle of the wild.  Imagine yourself surrounded by different tones of green under the blue sky. The good thing is that the place does not get impossibly crowded.  There is a well balanced mix of locals and travelers hanging around in a friendly mood.

You can opt to rest in one of the pools. The water shallowness and gentle movement is perfect.  You will feel like in a natural Jacuzzi.

The beauty of Rio On Pools

View of the pools from another perspective


Or you can wander around the waterfalls area.  We are taking about small falls in here.  You can sit underneath them and feel the cool water moving over your body.  The waterfall area is surrounded by boulders and rocks.  Some like to do a little climbing around (imitating monkeys, maybe?).  But watch out!! Use caution.  I don’t want to see you slipping and falling over a bunch of rocks.

Waterfall Area

Approaching the waterfall

Having a little fun


Sometimes we go to places to be in contact with nature.  I felt like I found that place that connects you with the country you are visiting.  Belize has a lot of wonderful places (and other countries in the world too).  But for some reason, the diamonds in the rough tend to steal your heart.  I constantly think about this place.  I could have stayed there for a long time just contemplating the kids playing and the light changing during the different hours of the day.  At least, I can say I found another little

Getting soaked after a day at the jungle


Note: The facilities at Rio On Pools are minimal (not sure if this have changed since I visited in 2008). The stalls available to change into dry clothes have no doors.  My husband held a big towel in front of the stall to cover me from curious gazes.  Don’t even remember if there are restrooms available.  Therefore, plan your adventure accordingly (i.e. bring big towel, toilet paper, etc.).

Have you visited the Rio On Pools?  What about a rough place that stole your heart? Let me know in the comments section below.


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  1. Anywhere where there’s a nice river to swim and relax in is my kind of a place. It looks a little bit like a place that I have been in Arizona called Slide Rock where you can slide down the slippery rocks. Looks fun!
    Mark Wiens recently posted..Ful Medames – Egyptian Staple Beans of DelightMy Profile

    • There are a lot of interesting places in Belize. However, it is difficult to get to those places. Sometimes it just gets expensive to move around.
      Ruth recently posted..Papillon Photos: Rio On Pools, BelizeMy Profile

    • Like I told Jen in the above comment, we found difficult to move between places. There is not a lot of infrastructure in place. It is not that easy to do independent travel there.
      Ruth recently posted..Papillon Photos: Rio On Pools, BelizeMy Profile

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