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Posted by on Mar 27, 2011 | 5 comments

100 Ways to Break the Routine and Add Adventure to Your Life (Part 5)

This is the fifth part of a series called 100 ideas to break out the routine and add more adventure to your life.  Every week (for a total of 10 weeks) I am going to give you 10 ideas.  I have two criteria for the ideas to make the list: they have to be easy and they have to be cheap.  You can let me know what you think in the comments section.  Also, feel free to share your own ideas.

This series started because I believe that you do not have to depart your country, not even your city, to have a great adventure.  And, why is that?  Because novel things are adventurous per nature and we can find novel things to do in our own backyard.  Therefore, I want to give different ideas to those who are truly interested in working towards accomplishing different things.

Here is the fifth part of the series.

41. Make a bonfire

Grab your marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars.  Let’s make some s’mores.  Or what about some super crunchy and tasty hot dogs?   A bonfire invites people to sit around and share stories and anecdotes.  It is a simple way to stretch friendships and create community.  Every once in a while, in a simple reunion, my friends and I start a bonfire.  Look for easy ideas to make one in your backyard.   A friend of mine uses the inside of an old laundry machine to hold the firewood (this is made on a non-melting material).  There is always an opportunity to start one when camping or in the beach (in California, a lot of beaches have rings for bonfires).

42. Reconnect with one of your former teachers or professors

I am sure that many people have good memories about one or two teachers or college professors.  What about trying to get in touch with a teacher that you loved when you were a kid?  Or finding that professor that did a lot for you?  I have to admit that some of my former teachers and professors are Facebook friends.  It is always fantastic to talk to them and remember old times.

43. Make a photo album

Nowadays, people rely mainly on their digital cameras to document different moments in life.  As you may imagine, a lot of pictures end up getting forgotten on hard drives or memory cards.  Do you remember those things called photo albums?  Well, in these times you can create more than a photo album.  You can create a digital book, a webpage, a blog and/or a scrapbook with your photos.  There are tons of services like Flickr where you can upload your best shots and share with your friends and family.  Do something with your photos.  They are your treasures.  Arrange them proudly so you can always show them in an organized way to others.

44. Go to a festival or fair

This one is a no brainer.  Every weekend there is a festival or fair taking place near you.  For me, this a unique opportunity to enjoy a day while getting exposed to new and different things.  Festivals are full of food, games, parades, shopping, lectures, exhibitions, performances, etc.  There is a wide variety of opportunities to try new things and learn about different topics.  For example, last month, I attended a Scottish festival.  It was incredible all the new things I saw and learned.  I got familiar with a culture that was unknown to me.  Additionally, every year I wait anxiously for the Los Angeles and Orange Counties Fairs.  Again, these events are huge and one day is not enough to explore all the offerings.

45. Attend a performance

Look at the newspaper or the Internet for a list of the different performances taking place around your city.  Some cities offer free seasonal performances. Attend a play, chill at a concert or enjoy an opera.

46. Turn off the TV for a day

 It is sad to say this but a lot of people devote a lot of their free time to watch TV.  Give the TV a day off.  Plan to do something different with your family.  Play games, do homework together, eat dinner at the dining table, read aloud a story.  Or do something by yourself.  Read that book you have been putting aside, cook a nice dinner, download new music, read productivity blogs, take a class.  There are so many possibilities.  You may be killing those possibilities by being the slave of the TV.

47. Learn or improve a skill

There may be a skill you are interested in improving.  Or there is that new skill you have been wanting to acquire.  Go ahead.  Research what is the best way to learn and make a plan.  Set aside some time during the week or take a class. 

48. Hug somebody

I come from a culture where hugs are common.  Every time I see my friends and family, I kiss and hug them.  I am talking about a big hug not just a pretension.  When we hug, it is because we want to show our appreciation towards each other.  When I came to the USA, I was surprised at how people greet with just a hi or a good morning. I understand the cultural differences but I also believe there is nothing wrong with this beautiful expression.  Of course, don’t start hugging everybody at work because I am sure more than one person is going to freak out. You can start with the people close to you.  I think it is vital to hug somebody at least once a day.  I hug my husband every day.  Have you hugged somebody today?

49. Do the things you want to do even if you have to do them alone

This is a fact we have to face.  If there is something you really want to do, do it by yourself.  If you wait for somebody to join you, there is the possibility of never fulfilling your desire.  One time, I wanted to go to Argentina.  I asked a friend if she wanted to join me and she said yes.  Then, I found a great offer and told her about it.  She gave me a thousand excuses of why it was not the right moment for her.  I just book the offer for myself.  That was the first time I travelled internationally by myself and I had a great time.  From that moment, I learned that if there is something I really want to do, I better do it alone.

50. Donate something you don’t use

If you have a material possession that is in good condition and you don’t use, you may consider giving it to somebody who can use it.  Come on, you know that a lot of things in your house fit the previous description.  There are a lot of ways of giving your possession(s) to somebody who may need it. 

  • Give it to somebody you personally know and is in need of what you have.
  • Save it for a future charitable event
  • Give it to the Salvation Army or other entities.

You can make a person smile today with your act of kindness.

 Do you have some ideas? Let me know in the comments section.



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