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Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 | 0 comments

Break the Routine, Add Adventure to you Life, You Can Do It


The other day I was watching The Biggest Loser when one of the contestants made a comment that shocked me.

“Before coming to the show,” he said, “I used to do every effort not to get outside my house.  I just wanted to watch TV while devouring my favorite junk food.”

That assertion made me think about the high number of individuals who are letting life pass while they stay in their “comfortable” place.

Wait a minute, Ruth.  Are you saying there is something wrong with resting after a day (or week) of hectic work or enjoying the things bought with our hard earned money?  Not necessarily.  I like to get cozy under my bed sheets, watch movies and surf the Internet.  But, common guys! Don’t tell me you want to spend the majority of your free time confined on a closed space or doing the same boring things over and over again.

If most of us would like to stay in a routine forever, then I would not hear comments like the following:

  • “I wish I can do more fun stuff.”
  • “I would like to do _____, visit _______ or try _______”
  • “I don’t remember the last time I did something different.”
  • “I haven’t been to that place that is so close to my house.”
  • “I want to do something different.”
  • “I want to spend more time with _____”
  • “I have no idea of how to change.”

If one of these thoughts have blurted out of your mouth or passed thru your mind, I have good news.  If you want to change something, action is what you need.  No, I do not want to incite you to take a radical decision (unless you want).  We all can take small steps towards the change we want to see in our lives.  I have said this many times: you don’t have to travel far or spend a big amount of money to have a big adventure.

Pelican Cove, Rancho Palos Verdes, California


When I started to blog, back in 2011, I had a series called “100 Ways to Get Out of the Routine and Add More Adventure to your Life.”  I only wrote the first five posts of the series (50 ideas).  At this moment, I want to finish what was abandoned once.  During the following weeks, I will be finishing the series.

Why now?  Because this is one of the most important ideas I want to get across with my blog.  There are tons of things you can do to get outside your comfort zone.  All the ideas I present have to meet two criteria: they have to be easy and super cheap.  And I am not just preaching in here.  You know I do a lot of this stuff during my free time.  My blog presents stories about international travel but it also has posts about adventures close to Los Angeles.

I invite you to read the first five parts of the series.  There is even a bonus since some bloggers gave me their own ideas on the topic.

My sincere hope is that these ideas push you to try different things.  Common, you can do it.


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Bloggers Advice on How to Add More Adventure to Your Life

Do you wish to try different things? Let me know in the comments section below.

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