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Posted by on Mar 20, 2011 | 0 comments

100 Ways to Break the Routine and Add More Adventure to Your Life (Part 4)

This is the fourth part of a series called 100 ideas to break out the routine and add more adventure to your life.  Every week (for a total of 10 weeks) I am going to give you 10 ideas.  I have two criteria for the ideas to make the list: they have to be easy and they have to be cheap.  You can let me know what you think in the comments section.  Also, feel free to share your own ideas.

This series started because I believe that you do not have to depart your country, not even your city, to have a great adventure.  And, why is that?  Because novel things are adventurous per nature and we can find novel things to do in our own backyard.  Therefore, I want to give different ideas to those who are truly interested in working towards accomplishing different things.

Here is the fourth part of the series.

31. Choose a new accessory or piece of jewelry

If you want to look different, you do not necessarily need to buy new clothes or shoes.  Accessories work wonders.  Why not try to wear a hat, a scarf or a tie?  What about a distinctive piece of jewelry? I think people who know how to use accessories to their advantage are so cool.  What you choose doesn’t have to be expensive.  Look online or at magazines for ideas.

32. Read a children’s book

Books designed for small children contain simple language but that doesn’t mean they lack profundity.  In my experience, most books for young readers touch universal themes and discuss common wisdom.  That is why some of them are classics.  By reading this type of books, we may focus on things that are important in life but we fail to remember due to our busy schedules.  Alternatively, you can revisit a book you read when you were younger.  Probably, you will understand it better and it may bring you sweet memories.

33. Tip more than usual

If you receive excellent service from a waiter or waitress, think about tipping more than usual.  Thank personally your server while giving the tip.  This can be extended to any type of person offering a service.  These types of service positions are hard (I know because my sister worked as a waitress for about 10 years, lots of horrible stories).  Your gratefulness and kind words may fill with light someone’s day.

34. Visit a museum

Repeat after me. Museums are not only for paintings. The range of museum themes is diverse.  There are museums focused on paintings, sculpture, glass, furniture, etc.  You may be able to find a theme that interests you.  Most museums offer free entrance sometime during the month.  Investigate when this happens and take a free look. 

Additionally, some museums have changing exhibitions.  You can join a specific museum e-mail list and you will receive periodical newsletters.  In that way, you will receive information of interesting exhibitions coming to your local museum.  Believe me, some of these exhibitions are really interesting.  Last year, I saw one about mummies of the world.  This year, I saw one about illuminated manuscripts.  They were really interesting and I learned a lot.

35. Try a new language

This is a fun and appealing way to break the routine.  If you are traveling to certain country or area, try learning the language.  Or just give it a try because you have always wanted to learn that language.  There are multiple ways to learn.  You can take a community offered course, you can use the Internet, you can buy a DVD course or you can get a book at the library.  Whichever way you choose, I am sure you will have a blast.

36. Ask somebody you know for a recommendation

If you want to do something different, why not ask somebody for a recommendation?  For example, let’s say you know somebody from Korea.  Ask that person where he goes to get good Korean food.  He will know the high-quality and authentic places.  Or if you know somebody with a passion for reading, ask that person for a book recommendation.  I am sure people you know will answer with pleasure your questions.  Moreover, you are getting recommendations from experts.  Nowadays, people pay a lot of money for authority knowledge.

37. Try something different during lunch time

Do you do the same thing every day during lunch hour?  How about changing the routine?  You may start by eating something different.  But the change does not have to be purely culinary.  You can decide to eat your lunch for half an hour and do something else the other half hour.  You can exercise, read or do whatever you want.  The idea is to choose something that you like.  You may go back to work reenergized.

38. Save for a bigger adventure

If you want to go somewhere, start to plan and save.  Decide where you want to go and how much is going to cost you.  Then, devise a savings plan.  Surround yourself with pictures of the place you want to go.  Even change your computer background with a picture of that place.  If you don’t do something, it is possible you may never go to that place.  So plan and keep yourself motivated.

39. Record a video

I don’t mean taking a video of something cool that is happening.  I mean taking a video of you or of something you are doing.  Apparently, this is not that uncommon because YouTube is full of people doing all sorts of activities.  If you have a special skill, record a video.  You don’t have to share it with the world (I mean the Internet).  Maybe you can share it with family members or friends that live far from you.  I will like to receive a video from a friend or familiar.  Therefore, get creative and go ahead and use that video camera (or camera or cell phone).

40. Get a mentor

A mentor is somebody who can help you to get ahead in your career, business or life.  Even if you don’t feel stuck (or not progressing on a goal), a mentor may be a good idea.  This person can give you advice based on his or her experience.  Sometimes we insist on doing things by ourselves and we foolishly dig our own hole.  A mentor can help us to choose a better path.  Successful people are known for working with mentors to achieve their goals.  Give it a try.  Who knows how positive the impact will be on your life.

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