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Posted by on Mar 25, 2012 | 5 comments

Featured Travelers: Lane and Juliet of The Lost Backpack

Today’s featured travelers are Lane and Juliet, the enthusiastic gals behind the website The Lost Backpack.  Make sure to check the adventures of this duo on a constant basis.  You know, I am partial to them since they mentioned Puerto Rico is an underrated destination (uhmmmm, I am from there). What not to love about a pair with such cool convictions.  Continue reading to learn more about the wanderings of these bloggers.


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Where are you currently living? What is your current life project?

Where have you been? Where do you want to go?

When did you get the travel bug?

How has travel changed your life?

How would you inspire someone to travel?

Juliet: We moved to Santa Fe, NM two years ago and are enjoying its rich culture and beautiful landscapes. I’ve visited much of Europe, North America, some Caribbean and French Polynesian islands and India. I really want to sail to the Galapagos Islands, visit Jordan, Egypt and Turkey, and explore Argentina (don’t make me pick between them). I did two backpacking trips in college and that experience made me realize how big the world really is and that I want to see as much of it as possible. Travel has taught me to roll with the punches because you can’t duck, and getting upset is pointless – trains will be late, luggage might take a scenic detour, but life continues on.

Lane: I’ve covered 80% of the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. I’ve basked on the beaches of many Caribbean islands and in French Polynesia. I’ve also explored some of Europe. Going on an African Safari is top of my list, followed by snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. I think wanderlust is genetic – I come from a family of truck drivers. I have an inner curiosity about the world.  Some of my friends from the Midwest have never crossed the state line (and they never wish to). Inspiration to travel comes from within.


Story behind the photo: During a three-week road trip we stopped in the Land of Lincoln to rest.  After dinner we walked around historic Springfield, and stumbled across an entire neighborhood that had been preserved from the time of Lincoln.  We had the place to ourselves.  Lane is sitting on the steps of the Lincoln residence.

What are the most underrated and overrated places you have visited?

Underrated:  Puerto Rico due to the natural beauty and the history of San Juan.

Overrated:  Las Vegas.  We found it crowded and lacking in activities aside from eating and gambling. That said, once we left the Strip, we discovered the stark and intriguing desert scenery.

What is you travel pet peeve?

Flying.  Everything about flying has become too complicated and a big hassle.

I love food. What is your favorite dish?

Juliet:  Peking Duck (British style).

Lane:  I’m the more adventurous eater — read that as “try this, it tastes gross…”  But, my favorite foods are Indian, especially Chicken Tikka Masala.

Have you tried some exotic or weird foods (insects, organs or something like that)?

Juliet:  That’s Lane’s job.

Lane:  I’ve had escargot, chocolate-covered ants and grasshoppers, and “Octo Shots”.  Unknowingly, I slugged back a shot of Vodka with a baby octopus in it.  Juliet is still ashamed of me for that one.

What travel moment has made you laugh like there is no tomorrow?

In Big Bear Lake (California), we rented a cabin and needed to do some laundry.  We lacked any form of washing machine, except a bath tub.  In the end, Lane ended up stomping water out of clothes in the tub, while naked, because she didn’t want to get any more clothing wet! Envision Lucille Ball stomping grapes in the famous “I Love Lucy” show.

Lake District

Story behing the photo: Even though Juliet is British, she had never been to the Lake District.  Last summer she was in a friends wedding in the Cotswolds of England, and afterward we decided to spend a few days in the Lake District.  We found it so charming, with stunning scenery.  Its an absolute must if visiting England.

What travel resources do you use?

It depends entirely on where we’re going.  For North America we use Tripadvisor for a bed bug/gang territory check.  For Europe, Rick Steves is our go-to guy.  For renting, we browse  And, of course, we hit up the travel blogging community.

What is your blog about (and why you started to blog)?

We cater towards readers who are budget-conscious but have left the backpack behind.  Blogging started as a hobby but has quickly become an addiction.

How can we found more about you and you upcoming projects?

In a few weeks, we head to China and we’ll definitely be sharing our experiences.  Our “About” page reveals more about us.

Our site:  The Lost Backpack:

Twitter:  @thelostbackpack


Something else you want to add?

Even when you don’t have the budget for a vacation, a well-planned day trip can feel like a getaway.



Thanks girls for answering all my questions.  Happy travels!!!


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