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Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 | 2 comments

Most Insane Moments I Have Experienced in my Travels (Part 3)

I can’t believe I have material to write the third part of this series.  It is official.  Insane, crazy and weird moments go hand by hand with travel.  What would be travel without those moments that make us laugh later?

Here are more of the insane experiences I have experienced.  As always, you are free to share your outrageous moments in the comments section.

The time a horse threw me in a puddle of mud (Costa Rica)

I can’t believe I haven’t write about the time I fell from a horse in Costa Rica. We were returning from zip lining in the forest. The tour included horse riding before and after the main activity.  Everything was fine until my horse decided to start fighting with another horse.  The horse’s brusque movements twisted the saddle to the one side of the beast.  I ended up hanging on the side while the horse kept walking.  One of the guides saw everything and ordered the horse to stop.  The horse stopped but one of my feet was trapped in the saddle. I pulled and pulled until I broke free and ended in the ground.  Do you know how wet is Costa Rica?  So the ground was a big puddle of mud.  I seriously looked like a pig. At least, I didn’t fall over horse poop.  I had another activity planned right after the zip lining. I had no time to change so I ended up going in my pig custom.  People on the street were stopping me to ask what happened.  Enough said!!

Horses and beautiful views


My first visit to a clandestine clinic in El Salvador

When we visited El Salvador earlier this year, my husband kept complaining about throat pain.  We decided to visit the clinic of a doctor we have known for years.  When we arrived to the place, the receptionist informed us the doctor moved to another location.  A different doctor was renting the space. My husband decided to consult the other doctor anyway.  That.was.a.bad.decision.

First, we had to walk thru stairs made of rotten wood.  I felt like we were going to fall in any moment.  Then, the “doctor’s office” was like nothing I have ever seen before. The room was dark, only a small lamp was lighting the huge space. The doctor was sitting behind a small desk.  That was the only piece of furniture in the room.  There wasn’t any medical equipment in sight, not even a stethoscope. And I am not kidding, there was a syringe full of blood over the desk.

The doctor greeted us as brother and sister.  I mean like brother and sister in Christ.  She asked my husband why we were visiting.  My husband said he had throat pain and difficulty to swallow.  She told him he had an infection without taking a look at him.  She said the infection was probably going to develop as cancer in the future (what??).  Apparently, her treatment consisting of natural herbs was the best way to get cured. At that point, we knew what was going on.  She tried to convince us to buy her stuff by appealing to the power of God.  I don’t want to keep going and going about all the stupidity that came out of her mouth. We left even though she was giving us a nasty look.

When we told the story to our friends, they couldn’t believe we ended as victims of that type of scheme.  Apparently, a group of impostors from South America have been cheating people in different countries.  By the way, we found the doctor we intended to visit in the first place.  My husband had a throat infection and we got a prescription to buy antibiotics.


A not so small fall in Honduras

My husband and I were trying to find a nice spot for breakfast in the town of Santa Rosa de Copan. The side walk pavement was uneven.  Suddenly, I stepped over a dip, lost my balance and fell.  My husband was walking in front of me.  We he heard the commotion he looked back and found me in the floor.  He tough somebody robbed me.  I was in pain and could talk for a couple of seconds.  He understood the situation when he saw my bloody left knee.  Some ladies stopped to help.  One of them told us about a clinic in the main plaza.  We thanked them and told them I was ok.  When I was able to stand, we decided to stop by the clinic because the cuts and bruises looked kind of serious.

Once at the clinic (not a clandestine one this time), the doctor told me I needed stitches.  I got really nervous at that moment.  Seeing myself in a hospital bed waiting to be sewn like a piece of cloth is not my ideal vision of a trip.  Once the affected area was cleaned, the doctor informed me I didn’t need the stitches because the main cut wasn’t that deep.  Uffff, I breathed with relief.  We left after I was bandaged.  I continued with the trip as normal as possible even though I couldn’t walk that well.

Fall Effects


My first encounter with a snake in the wild (El Salvador)

I have mentioned in this blog over and over how I hate snakes.  I can’t even see a picture of them.  Ironically, I love to hike in rainforests were, well, a lot of snakes live. I have been lucky.  I have never seen a snake in the wild.  My luck changed earlier this year while I was hiking in El Imposible National Park in El Salvador.  While hiking the trails of the park, I saw a strange pattern in the path.  I saw circles in a bed of leaves.  I knew it was a snake.  I was the last one in a group of four.  I don’t understand how any of us stepped over it.  I ran to tell my husband I saw a snake.  One of our friends went back to try to spot it.  He told me I was paranoiac.  Then, he saw it.  My husband ran to see it while I stood there almost crying.  The guide told them to keep a prudent distance.  She went to see it too but couldn’t tell the specie because it was coiled.  She just knew it was poisonous.  You know, I tried to contain myself but I just wanted to get out of there.  I continued walking in shock like for 45 minutes.  Oh, forgot to mention I was hiking in Tevas.  I am buying hiking boots after the experience.


My idea of moving from point A to point B does not include racing buses

We were staying only one night in Santa Rosa de Copan (Honduras).  The plan was to have breakfast and leave for Copan Ruinas afterwards.  The plans changed when I fell (see above).  My husband asked me if I wanted to stay in town to rest.  I replied by saying it was better to continue with our original plans.  We got to the bus terminal and a rapidito (small bus) was leaving soon.  The bus drivers and other personnel were very aggressive.  I saw how a group carried a guy from a taxi to one of the buses (they didn’t want to lose business).  I had to shout and told them to stay away because they were pulling my luggage. I got the feeling something weird was going to happen during the ride.

The trip was literally a race. We sat in the front seat with the driver so I witness all the horror first hand.  The driver accelerated to incomprehensible speeds.  I understand you can go fast on a road in decent shape.  This road looked like the moon (craters everywhere).  Therefore, the guy was driving super fast while avoiding the potholes.  And, did I mention the road does not have any lines or signals on it?  So, nobody was able to affirm the guy was driving against the traffic. I closed my eyes every time a car was approaching from the opposite direction.

Then, we discovered there is a big rivalry between the people who drive motor coaches (big buses) and rapiditos (small buses).   They compete on different routes because the rapiditos take away a lot of business.  At one moment during the ride, we approached a big bus.  Of course, our rapidito wanted to pass the big bus.  Every time we tried to pass, the big bus blocked the way. The big bus driver was even throwing the bus’ body against the rapidito.  I know, you don’t have to tell me how dangerous the situation was. And not, the big bus didn’t have a “How is my driving” sign.  The money collector of the big bus was hanging from one side while giving us obscene hand gestures and dirty words.  I am not sure where I was more nervous: on the clinic or on that bus.  We made it in one piece to our destination.  And yes, the rapidito (us) won the race.  It passed the big bus when it stopped to pick a passenger.

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What do you think?  What insane story you have to tell me? Let me know in the comments section below.


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