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Posted by on Jul 24, 2016 | 8 comments

Tips for Eating Healthy While Travelling

As much fun as it is to travel the world, it can sure have some nasty effects on your diet. In the wake of touring, sightseeing, and adventuring, food can become an afterthought, and you might default to less healthy food choices because they are more convenient. However, it is completely possible to continue eating healthy while travelling. How you accomplish this is somewhat dependent on where you are going and what your activities will be.

Pack a Lunch

If you will be staying in an area for a few days and your lodging provides access to food storage options, then pack an insulated lunchbox to bring with you on your daily excursions. As you are settling in your lodging, track down a grocery store and purchase a few days of meal supplies. This puts you in control of the food you will eat each day, which is not only convenient for you but also helps you eat more healthily.

Sandwiches and wraps are pretty much unbeatable choices for bringing along on day trips. They give you recommended servings of grains, protein, and veggies all at once in an easily portable and fully edible package. When you add condiments made by the health food wizzes at HamptonCreek you can tailor your meal exactly to your tastes without having to eat junk that makes you feel sluggish midway through your excursion. Nobody has time for that!


Restaurant Smarts

Of course, a big part of travelling is eating at local restaurants. Food is of extreme significance in any culture, so sampling the cuisine is an important aspect of experiencing your destination. In order to maintain good health, try to mainly order dishes with fresher ingredients, and opt for foods that are grilled or baked rather than fried. However, if the area’s signature dish is deep-fried sugar bombs, don’t restrict yourself too harshly. Indulge in the local treat, pair it with water, and eat a salad the next day.

No-Fridge Zones

Some destinations do not offer the luxury of restaurants or even non-perishable food storage, especially if you are backpacking or camping. In this situation, you need to make sure you have adequate energy and nutrition to really dive in to your adventure, so do not worry about counting calories or fat content.

Trail mix is the ultimate food to take on physically exerting trips because it is full of vitamins, protein, and fiber. Just make sure to pick a trail mix that is mainly composed of nuts and fruits, rather than basically being a bag of candy.


Jerky is another filling and durable snack choice. While you don’t want to live off of it in your daily life due to the added sodium, it makes good fuel when you are spending your days trekking along rough terrain.

Bring fruits that can last several days without refrigeration, like oranges and apples. Just be sure to pack these at the top of your bag so they do not get squished by your other stuff.


For longer trips, dried fruit is the way to go, as long as you choose varieties with no added sugar or sulfites. Remember, a serving of dried fruit takes up less space than a serving of fresh fruit, so when you eat it you need to pay attention to how full you actually feel rather than just munching on what looks like the right amount.

A Word on Water

No matter where you go, make sure to drink a lot of water while you are there. According to Mayo Clinic, the old 8 ounces of water 8 times per day rule is a fairly good rule of thumb, although you can swap a different type of fluid for a few of those servings.

Drinking water in sufficient quantities will keep your energy levels high and your body systems functioning optimally. This is important because feeling sluggish or sick is the last thing you need while travelling. Remember to verify that the tap water in the area you are staying in is safe to drink, and opt for bottled water or filtered water if it is not.


Go Forth and Eat

Whether you are just beginning to dive in to your summer travels or have been at it for months now, you will need good health and high energy to enjoy your trips to the fullest. By packing wisely when you can, staying hydrated at all times, and remembering to have fun, you can make food choices nourish you now and will keep you healthy long-term.

What are your best tips to stay healthy on the road?

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  1. I agree that traveling makes “junk” food more attractive as it is readily available. Your suggestions are good. I would add hard boiled eggs and a filtering mug for water. The world uses too many plastic water bottles and it is an ecological crisis. There are filtering mugs that you can fill up at any water fountain, or the small straw on a rope to wear around your neck for filtering water.

    • Thanks for the idea Carol. I have seen these mugs but have not bought one. They would be perfect for camping and road trips.

  2. Good hints. We were happy to stay in motels that served breakfast on our recent cross-country car trip. Most of these breakfast bars included (your choices of) oatmeal, granola, hard boiled eggs, toast and fruit as well as hot items such as pancakes or waffles and scrambled eggs.

    It was a good way to start out the day fairly healthfully and get a quicker start than looking for a restaurant.
    Sallie (FullTime-Life) recently posted..WE ALL NEED A LITTLE FLOWERMy Profile

    • I also enjoy staying at places like this. When I start the day with a fulfilling, healthy breakfast, I feel less hungry during the day. As a consequence, I eat less.

  3. These are all fantastic tips! Water I have to say has been the best way to staying healthy while traveling. It helps in clearing your system of impurities, especially if you haven’t had the best of meals. I am usually quite careful with eating salads in some places, because you just don’t know how they are cleaning the food… but I will always try to put more vegetarian options to make sure I get my dose of veggies!

    • People tend to forget about the importance of drinking water (not only when traveling). There is a lot of physical activity involved when you are traveling. You need to replenish yourself.

  4. Great tips! I think the water tip is most important. I always feel dehydrated after a flight and nothing helps me get back on track better than guzzling water. More than I even think I need!

    I also liked your idea of packing lunches. It’s beneficial in two ways – helping to save money and eat healthier! Sounds good to me! 🙂
    Mandy recently posted..10 Rules For Traveling With MeMy Profile

    • You are right! Ones feels so thirsty while on a plane (and more when the flight is long). It may be advisable to take a bottle of water with you.

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