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Posted by on Feb 16, 2013 | 6 comments

Discovery of the Week: Cies Islands, Spain

This post is part of a weekly feature called Discovery of the Week. By discovery, I mean a place, a custom or dish that is not widely known. See, I love to read travel magazines, websites and books. Very often, I find beautiful and interesting gems that not a lot of people seem to know about. That is why I thought about introducing this feature because I am sure it will expose a lot of astonishing places. Additionally, I enjoy learning about the many amazing places in the world. I believe my readers also enjoy this activity.


Discovery of the Week: Cies Islands

Where they are located: Off the coast of the province of Galicia in Spain

What they are: An archipelago consisting of three islands: Monteagudo, do Faro and San Mariño. The most famous strand of sand on the islands is called Rodas Beach.  This accumulation of sand connects Monteagudo and do Faro.  During high tide the sea flows between the islands in the Western side and, blocked by the beach it fills the lagoon between the sandy area and the rocks. This combination of clear seas, white sands and turquoise lagoon are one of the most coveted spots by photographers visiting the islands.

The archipelago gained notoriety in the UK and the rest of Europe when the newspaper The Guardian selected Rodas Beach as “the best in the world.”

The land is mountainous with rough, nearly vertical cliffs of more than 100 m (328 ft) on the Western side, and numerous caves (furnas) formed by erosion from the sea and the wind. The Eastern side is less steep, covered by woods and bushes and protected from the Atlantic winds, allowing the formation of beaches and dunes.

They were declared a Nature Reserve in 1980 and are included in the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park created in 2002.

If you want to visit, summer is the best time to do it.  During that season, boats connect Monteagudo to the ports of Vigo, Baiona, and Cangas.

Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain


Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain


Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain


Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain


Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain


Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain


Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain

Did you know about this place? Let me know in the comments section below.

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    • A lot of European islands are famous for their beaches. However, these are some of the best I have seen (even though they are not that coveted).
      Ruth recently posted..Mezcal: For Every Bad or GoodMy Profile

  1. I’ve never heard of them but they seem like a place I’d really enjoy visiting! Those beaches look wonderful.

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