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Posted by on Sep 20, 2011 | 18 comments

Biking to Wonderful Views in Oahu

That day in Oahu when I hiked to a waterfall, which ended not really being a waterfall, was full of great emotions.

After our hike thru the Ko’olau Mountain Range and Manoa Valley, we returned to the starting point in the town of Manoa.  Next adventure: biking down a sinuously road.

Our guide took us to a high area in the mountains. The area was next a rural road.  I knew we were really high because I saw the views when we were going up.  In addition, I felt how my ears were clogging due to the altitude.

In there, another guide was waiting for us with bikes.  We received some instructions.  We were going to ride about 22 miles downhill. The road, because of its location among the mountains, was infrequently transited.  So, that made it perfect for us to ride without the hassle of cars passing us in a crazy manner. One guide was leading the way in a bike.  The other was driving a van behind the bikers.  The guides were communicating all the time.  If a car was spotted behind the van, we stopped to let it pass.  Don’t you love Hawaiian courtesy rules?

Well, after hearing the instructions, we were eager to start our ride.  So, there we went!!!


Receiving instructions


I have to say the experience was extremely relaxing.  I felt like I was flying down the road.  You feel the fresh air, see the green scenery and smell the fragrant flowers. Plus, because you are going downhill, the physical effort is close to zero.  Even though I was relaxed, I have to admit the factor exhilaration was not lost.  You kind of get addicted to going fast. Therefore, it is good to control yourself.  The road was steep and there were some hairy turns.  I took it as slow as I felt I needed.

Stopping to let a car pass


Riding thru green scenery


The ride thru the mountains was fun but, what else was waiting for us?  The climatic point of our ride was reached at lunch time.  We stopped next to the road (at a big green area next to the road) to have a picnic.  But I am not talking about a plain and boring
picnic.  If you go to Paris, you want to picnic with views of the Eiffel Tower.  If you go to Rome, you want to picnic with views of the Coliseum.  If you visit Oahu, what do you want to see while enjoying your picnic?  The famous city of Honolulu, of course!!!

At one point, we made this turn and the entire city uncovered before our eyes.

Views from our lunch stop


The views from the city and Diamond Head were phenomenal.

Views from Oahu from a high point


During my visit, I was stayed in Waikiki.  While at sea level, you don’t really feel or understand how big the city is.  The views from the top and the abundance of high buildings gave me another perspective of the island.

View of skycrappers in the city


Honolulu, sea and sky


In contrast, I was able to observe a small town in a valley. This town looked more in contact with its surrounding which makes me
believe there are still places where you can have an authentic experience.

Another view from the high point


After filling our bellies and getting a views overdose, we continued our biking to downtown.  It was definitely a beautiful experience.

More bike riding after witnessing the amazing views


After that, we ended up hiking Diamond Head.  Believe me when I say that was an adventure filled day.  I didn’t believe in cheap holidays deals before going to Oahu. The deal I found to Hawaii has been the cheapest one I have found in my life.  I am glad I acted and booked the ticket.  My adventures on that day alone were worth the trip.

Where have you experienced wonderful views?


    • I guess it is everybody’s dream to have family in Hawaii. In that way, you can visit and save on accomodation. I was really impressed by the view. The pictures don’t make them justice. it is something you have to experience to understand.

    • Actually, nobody lagged behind. Like I said, it was downhill, so it was ideal for people of all ages. Plus, the tours told us to take it slow if we needed. They were really cool. I think everybody had a good time and nobody felt pressured.

    • I have been to Innsbruck but didn’t do the cable car. I went to Lucerne and visitied Mt. Pilatus. The views were great from there. Such a beautiful place.
      Ruth recently posted..Papillon Photos: Los Angeles County FairMy Profile

  1. gorgeous views!!! I remember driving up that way [not biking because I’m lazy!] 🙂
    jenjenk recently posted..Photo Friday: LightsMy Profile

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