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Posted by on Jul 27, 2011 | 3 comments

Waterfall Hiking in Oahu

When I visited Oahu, I wanted to do more than beach and water related activities.  While growing up in Puerto Rico, I used to visit the beach almost every week.  I have had enough beach!!

Fortunately, I discovered a company offering hiking tours around the Ko’olau Mountain Range and the Manoa Valley.  I was convinced when I saw pictures of the huge waterfall visited during the hike.  Waterfalls have certain mystique that fascinates me.

Additionally, Hawaii is an ideal place for doing this type of activity.  Poisonous animals do not call this island chain home.  The landscape is gorgeous and lush.  There are great opportunities to observe colorful birds and fascinating flowers.  Wow!!

The hike took place early in the morning.  The tour guide happened to be a guy obsessed with surfing.  A family from Western Australia joined us on the trek.

We left the van at one of the streets of the town of Manoa.  After a short walk thru town, we started to enter wild territory.  This area receives rain almost every day.  The guide lends us rubber boots so we can easily navigate the muddy soil.  However, there was a big catch.  “You may opt to use the boots but you probably won’t need them.  It hasn’t rained in more than a week”, said the guide.

Ready for the hiking in our rubber boots


What? Are you telling me we were visiting Oahu, a place where it rains almost every day, during a dry period?  I started to worry about my big, huge waterfall.  I hope there is something out there.  Just to attract water and feel cool, we put on those rubber boots. 

Vegetation around the Manoa Valley


Let me tell you the entire hike was incredible.  We observed a lot of different flowers and plants.  The guide was really knowledgeable and he shared a lot of interesting facts.  What really shone was his love for Oahu.  He moved to the island in order to have the opportunity to surf great waves every day.  Since he lives in the island, he is determined to protect the environment and natural resources.  He shared how he cleans (pick up trash) parts of the mountain range and valley often (with friends and coworkers).  I really love when people are passionate about what they do with their lives.

Here are some of the nice sights I was able to admire:

Interesting flower seen during the hike

One of the beauties I was able to admire in Hawaii.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the trip

Some type of fungus.


At one point, we entered a bamboo forest.  Our guide explained how to make wine using this type of grass.  Because, you knew bamboos are members of the grass family, right?

As I said before, poisonous critters do not inhabit Hawaii but unbearable ones do.  This bamboo forest was full of mosquitoes. I don’t know why but I am a mosquito magnet.  I put repellent, of course.  However, that did not deter the flying suckers from biting some parts of my body.  They decided to bite my face.  That was a first one.  I got like five big bites all around the face.  Only in Hawaii.

Between the bamboo forest within the valley


Finally, we arrived to the waterfall.  Guess what? Take a peek at the next photo.

The great waterfall!!! Not exactly what we were expecting


Saw that?  That is not even a waterfall.  It is more like water on a wall.  Oh well, at least we got a nice picture at this point.  The guide mentioned the waterfall is usually so strong that people cannot get close to it.

At least we got a good picture


If you visit Oahu, there are possibilities beyond the beach.  I encourage you to look at the green and lush interior.  Maybe you will be able to find the waterfall in all of its glory.

Near the end of the hike

Have you hiked in Hawaii? Let me know.


  1. Aw I am sorry the waterfall was almost completely dried up! I am glad you still have a good hike though, it looks interesting. I am also a mosquito magnet, so I understand your pain!

  2. Such an amazing place! Oahu looks like heaven! I understand your feeling about the waterfall (or the water wall) but still – you have been in this beautiful nature! I never hiked in Hawaii because I never visit there. If I will some day then I’ll go t see if the waterfall is really an waterfall 🙂
    Anna recently posted..The best way to meet guysMy Profile

  3. Great pictures Ruth, looks like the you really had fun , hiking in Hawaii sound like a very
    nice adventure to me 🙂

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